DEVI: A Living Goddess?

June 27, 2007

Her name is Sajani Shakya, she is 10 years old, and is worshiped in Nepal. Sajani is considered to be a living goddess and earthly manifestation of the goddess Taleju—though some sources refer to her as the incarnation of Durga or even Kali. A recently published New York Times article, talks about Shakya’s visit to Washington D.C. a couple of weeks back. Shakya was in the US primarily to promote an upcoming British documentary, “The Living Goddess” that focuses on the young goddesses of the Nepal valley. (For more info in the Kumari Devi from Nepal, click here.)

In Virgin Comic’s story of DEVI created by Shekhar Kapur—Director of the eight-time Academy Award nominated film, Elizabeth and the critically acclaimed movies, Four Feathers, Bandit Queen, Mr. India, and Masoom—a native of the mythic Indian city of Sitapur, Tara Mehta has no idea that she is about to become the centerpiece of a divine battle between the Gods of Light that created her, and the demon Lord Bala. In a never-ending war, innocent souls are the unfortunate but acceptable collateral damage. Tara Mehta, all-too-human Goddess and reincarnation of the divine female force, begins to wonder if either side deserves to win in Sitapur—a modern city atop the ancient, mixed amongst the profane, and where the divine drifts towards diabolical!


  1. […] Jul 2007 DEVI: A Living Goddess Part 2 Posted by Virgin Comics under Devi , Shakti  In a previous post we discussed the phenomenon of Nepal’s living goddess, Kumari Sajani Shakya, since we explore […]

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  4. This is a very interesting article. It makes us feel that so many mysterious things happen of which we do not get to know easily…

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