June 28, 2007

In Hollywood, movie studios refer to their big summer blockbusters as their “tent-poles.” These are the movies, ala Spider-Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Shrek, on which production budgets can far exceed the $100 million mark, with marketing budgets to match, and are expected to make that much in their opening weekend. The scale of the whole business has become so massive that these blockbusters, you’ll notice, are now almost entirely sequels, remakes of familiar titles (The Dirty Dozen is in the works), or built off of big brands (Transformers). The point is that building a new “franchise,” as they call it in the biz, is virtually impossible because, to enter the game, you’d better come with a  big wad of cash and be prepared to lose it all.  That’s a pretty tough sell.

Thank God the comics industry plays by a different set of rules! At Virgin Comics, we like to say that money is no issue because, in a sense, we don’t really even have budgets. As a creator, if you want to create the Universe on page 3 and blow it up on page 4, so long as you can make that organic to the story, I’m all for it. In Hollywood, they’d run the numbers first, price out the scene and it’d be more than likely that it would never happen.

The re-launch of our series Ramayan 3392 AD is our equivalent of the tent-pole movie. The scale of the story is massive. The Universe of the story is massive. The main characters themselves are Gods–hence they are massive. In turn, to produce it, to “reload it” as we say, we needed massive talent. That’s why we’ve brought in story editor Ron Marz to guide a creative team that includes stalwart Shamik Dasgupta (the original series’ writer) and Virgin titan Jeevan Kang (artist on Spider-Man India and John Woo’s Seven Brothers). We know that Ramayan 3392 AD, which is based on India’s seminal 3,000-year-old myth, is not an easy story for the unexposed reader. It’s full of exotic character-names and settings, and a different type of story-telling than much of what you’ll see at your local comic shop.  But that is what makes it so special–it is a legendary tale of honor and sacrifice, tragedy and amazing triumph told through a different lens that, we think, our readers will find themselves connecting with despite the newness of it all.

We’ve crafted the reload as a fresh beginning, so that new readers can come aboard now and not feel lost. We encourage you to go back and read the “prequels,” if you will, out in trade paperback this summer.  But we also assure you that not doing so won’t get you lost in the matrix. And here comes the interesting twist of fate, Hollywood is waking up to it. Some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest seem to have got their hands on our crazy comic Ramayan 3392 AD. I know too well the perfect storm of scenarios that is required to get a movie made in Hollywood, so I am not making any predictions, but watch out Spider-Man 8 and Pirates 5– our Blue Boy (read the book and you’ll get the reference) may be showing up at a theater near you very soon.

Gotham Chopra
Chief Creative Officer
Virgin Comics



  1. Hi

    A great fan of you guys at Virgin Comics. But why don’t you guys distribute your comics to Singapore? I hardly see any of your issues from India Authentic and Ramayan 3392 here…Will there be more trade paperbacks for Ramayan & Sadhu? Why aren’t there any trade paperbacks for India Authentic?

  2. wow you guys r really fast actually i was planning to make a comics on RAKTVEEJ but you already started hmmmm….. so only one thing left for me to read that comic, so plz sell your comics in india also or if you wish in hindi it will be better.

    hey whats your plan on our another blue boy (KRISHNA)
    i hope you are cooking really a good thing.

  3. ok i just have to say this ………you guys are doing an awesome job the artwork the storyline everything is just out of this world its like iam reading star wars but its something that i can identify myself with ive heard of the ramayana before watched movies t.v serials and what not and they bored me to death but this is just major uberness dude

  4. hy guys great work …but i dont getyour comicsin bngalore anymore. no more monthly issues nothing .itsdry out in hee.people….jus get us sme energy…

  5. hey it is a nice concept, make little logical & realistic & more action, anyhow i pray the gods to
    give a biggest achievement, soon i am waiting to see
    the movie version than i hope u will get all the Oscar award all best for team
    hat off to concept team
    I am also very interested to join in concept & creation team. my self A film maker, writer , cinematographer,basic animator

  6. Recently i came across ramayan Reloaded..Mind blowing!!simply superb when i checked the trailer in youtube i really disappointed..the audio and video mix is not proper.So i feel one soundtrack suits it well so i made the same trailer with the soundtrack.But i fear it might have copyright infringement.So how can i send that video to you.

  7. man ramayana reloaded was awesomw dude,………
    y not try making some more pics of the one n only lord siva………

  8. Worst comics on this planet. Do u guys really care for us indians.?

  9. Ramayan is a epic myth of Hindusim.. i ve no prob if this comics is related with our originl Myth.however i m not agree wht u did in this comics.. u made it is a futurastic.. i hate when i saw the vdo in utube….plz focused on wht the real story.. it ll help us…u can learn more from the comics….

  10. Ramayan itself is a of huge meaning to us…! its not just a story it is a nice attempt to let kidz know what ram was however it would be good if it is a epic, futurisation of the story will screw the concept. ram should not be shown as a god i agree but his heroism was worth learning. i am a decendent of ram i know what he is let the world knwo what he is.

  11. Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.

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