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Guy Ritchie to direct “Gamekeeper”; Joel Silver to produce for Warner Bros.

July 31, 2007

We are excited to announce that Guy Ritchie’s GAMEKEEPER will go into adaption for film under Warner Brothers & Joel Silver:

Guy Ritchie plans to direct a film version of his Virgin Comics series “The Gamekeeper” at Warner Bros., with Joel Silver set to produce. Deal marks the first original Virgin Comics property to move into development as a feature.

Project revolves around the reclusive caretaker of a Scottish estate with infinite knowledge of the behaviors of all animal species. When the alleged killer of his son surfaces, the caretaker finds that Europe’s urban jungle is not so unlike that of the natural landscape to which he’s accustomed.

Concept for the comic was created by Ritchie, but Andy Diggle handles the writing duties.

“After reading Guy’s comics, we knew instantly that the action-packed story and complex characters would resonate with film audiences,” said Warner Bros. production prexy Jeff Robinov.

“Gamekeeper” is part of Virgin’s Director’s Cut comic line, which also includes original titles from John Woo, Terry Gilliam, Shekhar Kapur, Jonathan Mostow, Ed Burns and Nicolas Cage.

Joel Silver will produce with Silver Pictures’ Susan Downey, and Sharad Devarajan and Gotham Chopra of Virgin Comics are executive producing.

Navid McIlhargey is executive producing the project for Silver Pictures, and Ollie Madden, out of WB’s London office, will oversee the project for the studio, along with executive Kevin McCormick.

Ritchie is directing “RocknRolla,” for which he also wrote the screenplay, for Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment. Pic will be distribbed by Warner Bros.


Virgin Comics/Sci Fi announce “The Stranded”

July 31, 2007

Virgin Comics and Sci Fi have announced their first original title under the SCI FI/Virgin Comics banner. The Stranded, created and written by Mike Carey, is an adventure spanning two worlds as seen through the eyes of five ordinary people and whose abilities may ultimately spell doom or salvation for the entire universe.

The comic book is expected to be released later this year and will be distributed by Diamond Comics.

“As SCI FI evolves and expands its business beyond the television screen, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Virgin Comics to create compelling characters and stories that are designed to live across multiple media platforms, ” said Dave Howe, over at SCI FI. “The Stranded is the first original concept to be born out of this new joint venture. Mike Carey has created an incredibly rich and mysterious world and a unique cast of characters with the power and potential to come to life everywhere their story is told.”

“This partnership with SCI FI creates an opportunity for comic writers to develop stories that move far beyond the printed page,” added Sharad Devarajan, CEO of Virgin Comics. “From the concept stage, Mike Carey has been able to craft his story with some of the top creative and marketing minds in television today.”

“The fact that we are seeding our new imprint with an original idea from Mike Carey gives me great confidence that this is going to be an awesome collaboration,” added Gotham Chopra, Virgin Comics Chief Creative Officer. “Further nurturing that idea with the minds of SCI FI’s creative team and having Stuart Moore as editor to guide it makes me believe that we are at the start of a story that many people in comics and beyond will enjoy for a long time.”

What if your entire world – your childhood, your family, all your memories – was a lie? The Stranded cast: Sisera, a conceptual artist; Endo, an art gallery worker; Drum, a new York City librarian; and Cullen, a Washington DC lawyer are all secretly from a world called Standfire – and now their past is returning to try and kill them.

One by one, The Stranded are assaulted by Janus, an altered human working for a mysterious, otherworldly force that seeks their destruction. Their only hope: Tamree, a dark, mysterious woman sent to Earth to protect them. She must awaken the buried individual memories of The Stranded – along with their powerful, unique psychic and physical abilities. But even if they can defeat Janus and his unseen masters, they must also deal with one of their own…who, damaged and unable to deal with her incredible new powers, cuts a swathe of incredible destruction across the Earth.

The Stranded’s writer/creator is Mike Carey. His current work includes X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Voodoo Child and his own creations Faker, Crossing Midnight, and The Re-gifters. His long runs on Lucifer and John Constantine, Hellblazer have been particularly well received. He has just completed a coast-to-coast book tour for his first novel, The Devil You Know.

The first issue of The Stranded will feature two covers with artwork from Marc Silvestri (Cyberforce, Witchblade, The Darkness and the X-Men) and Greg Horn (Elektra, Emma Frost).



July 27, 2007


Filmmaker and Actor creates “Dock Walloper” series for Virgin’s “Director’s Cut” Comic Book Line

SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON—July 27th, 2007—New York filmmaker and actor, Ed Burns (Brothers McMullen, Saving Private Ryan) is creating a new series of comic books, it was announced today by Burns at Comic-Con, the industry’s annual super-festival in San Diego.

The series, entitled Dock Walloper, debuts in comic shops and online comic retailers in November. The complete 144 page Dock Walloper book will be available in May 2008 at all major book sellers. A new site, will host additional information, previews and pre-orders of the comic art and books. The comic series will be written by Burns, along with comic book legend, Jimmy Palmiotti (Painkiller Jane, Monolith). Cover and interior art for the series will be created by Virgin Comics’ in-house illustration studio and led by rising comic book star, Siju Thomas.

“As we are approaching the centennial of Prohibition in America, I wanted to re-imagine some of the characters and icons of that era with a mythic spin, in a story set in a stylized New York City of the 20’s,” said Ed Burns. “The story takes the classic American gangster tale, and transposes it to this atmospheric landscape, where the characters and inhabitants possess exaggerated strength, ability and power, capturing a modern American mythology.”

“Ed Burns is one of New York City’s favorite sons and there is no one better to tell this story,” said Virgin Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan. “Dock Walloper is the perfect addition to our Director’s Cut line, which allows iconic filmmakers the creative freedom to develop new stories in the visual medium of graphic novels, akin to a movie with an unlimited budget.”

Dock Walloper is the story that takes place in the roaring 20’s of New York City. America’s great metropolis has become the nexus of high society culture, cutting edge industry and perhaps the most shocking crime wave in our country’s history. Known for its sinister and treacherous underworld, there’s a new power waking up the city that never sleeps. It’s name… John “The Hand” Smith.

The Nickname is a given. An outcast and an orphan, Smith’s massive right hand is nearly twice as large as his left, and when push comes to shove, you’d pity anyone that’s gets in his way. Smith’s only friends in the world are a fellow orphan and low-rent black gangster nicknamed Bootsy, and a Asian femme fatale known as Ring–a-Ling. In a world of crime, passion, and a touch of the fantastic, they will attempt to change organized crime…or die trying.

“From the first moment I sat down with Ed at an LA coffee shop and heard him talk about Dock Walloper, I knew we were gonna create something really cool and unique,” said Gotham Chopra, Virgin Comics Chief Creative Officer. “Ed’s intensive involvement already up to this point in the development of that actual comic and now having Jimmy Palmiotti doing the writing on the series insures that the industry is about to change forever.”



July 25, 2007


The Web’s Most Downloaded Woman Creates “Shadow Hunter” Comic for Virgin’s Celebrity “Voices” Line

SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON—July 25th, 2007— World-famous entrepreneur, adult entertainment icon and New York Times best-selling author Jenna Jameson is creating and starring in her own series of comic books, it was announced today by Virgin Comics CEO, Sharad Devarajan, at Comic-Con, the industry’s annual super-festival in San Diego. The series, titled Shadow Hunter, debuts in comic shops and online comic retailers in December. The complete 108 page Shadow Hunter book will be available in June 2008 at all major book sellers. A new site, will host additional information, previews and pre-orders of the comic art and books.

Shadow Hunter is the story of a provocative superheroine who survives a brush with death only to find herself fighting the legions of hell for her very soul. Cover art for the first issue has been created by Greg Horn, a top illustrator of comic books and video games. The story, while provocative and sexy, contains no nudity and is intended for a mainstream audience.

“Jenna Jameson is a cultural force,” said Virgin Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan. “She is an entrepreneur who is taking the taboo to the mainstream and has built an industry around her brand.”

“I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Virgin to bring this story to life, first as comics and eventually in film and other formats,” said Jenna Jameson. “Working with comics is creatively liberating – everything is possible. My character is sultry, sexy and kicks ass!’

“Jenna brings a defiance and edge to everything she does, said Gotham Chopra, Chief Creative Officer of Virgin Comics. “She’s a provocateur and there’s no doubt that our creative team at Virgin is going to have a blast collaborating with her. I can assure you every artist we have in our studio is vying to get assigned to this project!”

San Diego Comic-Con is preparing for record crowds when Jenna makes her very first appearance at this event that attracts more than 100,000 fans. Jenna will be speaking about Shadow Hunter and signing autographs for fans on Saturday afternoon, July 28 at 4:30 PM. Images from the series will be available from the Virgin Comics booth at the San Diego Convention Center.



July 23, 2007

The greatest show in comics is upon us and Virgin Comics will be there on all days of course. Make sure to stop by BOOTH# 1803 to pick up our con specials, catch up on all the exciting new announcements, or tell us what you think of the comics so far. We will be updating the blog with pictures and announcements so stay tuned. For frequent updates be sure to check out our TWITTER PAGE and leave a message. See you in San Diego hopefully!


Sadhu Contest Winners

July 22, 2007

Thank you all for participating in the recent Sadhu contest. Based on the response we would like to make this a regular feature of the blog so make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed or via email (get each post directly to your inbox) to stay informed. Given that San Diego comic-con is next week, there will be tons of signed stuff and special editions to give away when we come back. Also, because of the convention, winners packages will go out only next week.

Congratulations to the following 10 winners of Virgin’s first blog contest:

  • Sam Ghosh
  • Danny Warren
  • Hannibal P.
  • leonmallett
  • Johnny Espino
  • Ben Mitchell
  • RJ Perry
  • Contest Blogger
  • Doug
  • Seth Rosenblatt


July 20, 2007


Leading Social Networking Site Provides New Creative Showcase for Its Members

New York, NY—July 20, 2007—Virgin Comics and MySpace have teamed up to launch Coalition Comix (, a new online comic book platform, allowing thousands of participants to work with leading comic book creators in the development and creation of new characters and stories.

Coalition Comix will open up the role of comic book writer to the world at large, allowing participants to providing artistic direction for the comic by voting on the plot twists and turns at each step of the way.

Coalition Comix will commission some of the comic book industry’s leading creators to collaborate with users as virtual “Story Masters.” Leading creators will guide participants to collectively craft new story properties for comics and subsequent development into film, games and animations.

“Coalition Comix will allow readers to collaborate artistically with both a leading comics professional as well as thousands of like-minded MySpace users all over the world,” said Sharad Devarajan, CEO of Virgin Comics. “It opens the door to a new world of interactions and collaborations, taking an exciting step into the creative possibilities of the internet, and a new form of collaborative art without borders, barriers, or limits.”

“MySpace is about self-expression and the interactive format of Coalition Comix will allow the MySpace community to make themselves part of the story,” said Shawn Gold, senior vice president of marketing for MySpace.

Each digital issue will have a real time creation period of two weeks, with sketches, artwork and scripts continuously uploaded for interactivity with the community. The first comic planned will be guided by leading comic book author, Mike Carey (Voodoo Child, X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four).

Carey will dialogue with readers and guide the development of the plot at each step along the way by reviewing feedback from readers, and posing questions with five or six choices for the Coalition Comix community to choose from. During this time the Story Master will evaluate progress at timed intervals to give feedback to the community. Their ideas and votes will determine the final plot, generating a final work of sequential art that was created and influenced by hundreds or even thousands of contributors.

Gotham Chopra, Virgin Comic’s Chief Creative Officer added, “Creativity and innovation our the core ingredients to everything we try and do at Virgin Comics. So when we decided we wanted to experiment online and do something different, there was only one partner that made sense to work with – MySpace. What are we gonna
create together? No one knows, but it will be cool. That’s the point.”

Users can join up to participate in Coalition Comix on MySpace at

Comic book fans can also learn more by visiting the official MySpace Comic Books profile ( This profile is the official community for manga, graphic novels and comic books on MySpace, where fans and friends of MySpace Comic Books can find the latest comic book news, interviews, special features, contests, exclusives and more. MySpace Comic Books spotlights the most exciting projects, creators and events in the industry including user generated comics by MySpace members themselves.