Free Ramayan 3392AD Reloaded #1

September 4, 2007

Ramayan 3392AD Reloaded #1Ramayan 3392AD Reloaded #1

So here’s the deal. I think Ramayan 3392 A.D. Reloaded #1 is a good issue. A damn good issue, in fact. Writer Shamik Dasgupta and artist Jeevan Kang accomplish the tricky task of introducing the characters, recapping past events, and setting the stage for future tales, all while telling an exciting adventure that stands on its own. I wrote a short backup story, with art by Mike Oeming, about the hero Rama. All together, that’s 29 pages of material.

I’ve been doing comics long enough to know that producing a good issue is only half the battle. The other half, especially with something that’s not a Big Two superhero comic, is getting that issue into people’s hands. Getting new readers to try something a little different. So I talked Virgin Comics into giving away signed copies of issue #1.

All you have to do is send a large, self-addressed stamped envelope into the Virgin offices, and they’ll send you an autographed (by me) copy of issue #1. All you have to do is pay the postage. How’s that for a deal?

The address:

Virgin Comics Ramayan Offer
594 Broadway
Box 407
New York NY 10012-3234

The postage:

$1.98 for U.S. addresses
$2.24 to Canada
$5.40 to other countries

The whole point here is to get the book into the hands of people who might not sample it otherwise. If you already bought the issue — thanks a bunch. If you’d like to take advantage of the offer and get your hands on an autographed copy, we ask that you put the copy you already bought into the hands of someone who might like to check it out.

Give it a try. Spread the word.


Click here for a preview of Issue #1



  1. Great promo idea.

    Hey, does Abhishek Singh still draw for the Ramayan comics? I am a big fan of his drawings, Can you email me his email address?


  2. Oh my gosh, you guys rock!!! Thank you so much for doing this!!

    But I have a (probably stupid) question: How should fans living outside the United States handle the “stamped” part of the “self-addressed stamped envelope”? Can we send a self-addressed envelope along with the $5.40 to pay for postage instead? And should that be sent as cash, or would you accept an international postal money order?

    Sorry to be a bother,
    a very enthusiastic fan in Japan.

  3. Why the hell I can not be a part of this. If you are not going to produce the Animation version of this Ramayan then take my word, you would lose the opportunity of chanigng the present for centuries to come.

  4. Is it possible that I could be contacted by someone from your creative group.

  5. You don’t even know what you could do with these graphics. I saw these graphics about 16 years back – Yes, 16 years back I saw the exactly same depiction of Ram and other characters by a renowned artist in Rajasthan. I may still have some pictures that I clicked that time. There is more to it than you could have imagined.

  6. Hi Nenena:

    Thanks for your response… are International Reply Coupons available at your post office?


  7. WOW!!! I hope this is still available!
    I had been following Ramayan adventures (and some others Virgin comics) since I saw that Virgin #0 promo a year ago. Your comics are great! I even had already paid in advance for the next 3 issues of Ramayan at my Local ComicShop.

    only I wish this could come out more often, it seems like I had to wait years beetween issues. Is issue #2 already out?

    well, congrats for an excellent work!

  8. Darn it… I just got hold of an issue of Ramayan comics…this stuff is real good…I mean it has the flavor of DC version of Superman Batman comics and what’s more with an Indian blend…I wish these were there when I used to collect DC comics…but who cares I can still read them…Virgin Shekhar you rock…keep up the good work.

  9. I read a few Ramayana 3392 AD series comics (friend’s)and just wanted to congratulate you guys on this excellent effort. I gave up reading comics a long time ago, read Ramayana when i was a kid,I don’t believe in god. All that was not enough to keep me off your comics though. Can’t wait for new issues and game to be released. Can you please tell me locations in India where I can find these. I tried searching on net but couldn’t find anything.
    BTW, your mail id doesn’t work

  10. Is this offer still available? Would be keen to get a copy. And where can I get the 2nd copy as well please?

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