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October 15, 2007


WIN Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper Tradepaperback Vol. 1: Tooth and Claw (releasing 10/19/07) by subscribing to our RSS feed! That’s right… add a comment to this post after you’re done (or linkback) and 5 lucky winners will be picked at random on October 22nd.

Read the entire Issue #1 here!

EDIT: Remember to subscribe to the RSS feed to be eligible… Thanks!



  1. I hope I’m a lucky winner! Keep up the great work, Virgin Comics!

  2. I hope I am a lucky winner. I have been devouring Virgin Comics lately. Also, the feed did not work through the Add to My Yahoo option. It said to contact the administrator.

  3. Interesting concept for a contest. I subscribed.

  4. Been subscribed for a while now. I’ve read a few issues too, Andy Diggle’s pretty great.

    Would love to win this.

  5. Subscribed.

    I’ve wanted to check out some Virgin comics for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it.

  6. Been subscribed.

    I really love the first issue and it would be great to win the whole book!



  7. Been subscribed for a while if that counts. Awesome books and an interesting publisher…

  8. woah – this info thing is hot! didnt expect a click through to here. count us in – we like virgins and yeah virgin comics.

  9. πŸ™‚ Here’s hoping i’ll be a winner!

  10. You guys are too awesome. I’ve gotten all the boys at work hooked. Keep on keepin’ on!

  11. Thanks for the comments!!! Keep ’em coming πŸ™‚

  12. Done and done. Looking forward to seeing what’s new from Virgin!

  13. I look forward to getting into all the books. I read some stuff last night and was really impressed.

  14. ………………. Poppycock.

  15. I hope I win….

  16. Hoo-Ha for Virgin Comics, they are the greatest.

  17. cool

  18. Who doesn’t want to win something from Virgin?! Your comics rock!

  19. Virgin is one of my favorite labels bec ause they offer so many different items for us!! πŸ™‚

  20. Sweet. I love gamekeeper

  21. Really enjoyed this series, but had to leave my original issues behind when I moved back to the US from Scotland. Here’s hoping I can win a copy of the trade to read again!

  22. Here, I’ll send you my address so you can mail it:
    10 B Pratt Av, Waltham, MA 02453.

  23. I learned about this througha comic book friend.
    Can’t wait for the RRS feed so I can read more good stuff.

  24. Loved this series, I would definitely love to have a TPB issue. I thought the story was great, and the illustrations out of this world. Please tell me that there will be more to look forward to in the future! It’s great to see that comics can still be as hardedged and thrilling.

    Keep up the fight!

  25. I hope that I’ll be from amongst those five lucky ones.

  26. this is too cool, thanks

  27. Cool I got it subscribed to on my browser, which I hope counts.

  28. Hey! I just read ‘Gamekeeper-Tooth & claw’…excellent comic…very intrigueing…can hardly wait for the next Vol…keep up the good work!

  29. Am I too late?

  30. yeah buddy you r late……hehehehe
    you will get another chance…..

  31. I am totally digging the Virgin Comics line – I have several of the trades already and plan to read many more.

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