October 15, 2007

Sadhus do not know love or hate, desire or fear. They are detached from all emotional ties, devoted to a spiritual journey said to unleash unimaginable powers. This is the path James Jensen is fated to tread. But he must tackle his biggest obstacle yet… HIMSELF.

Music by Livebody Productions



  1. Livebody Productions made some dramatic music for this cool comic. Can’t wait to check out The Sadhu

  2. Thanks WINJOW, The Sadhu & Sadhu: The Silent Ones (5-issue miniseries) is available at all comic shops and http://www.virgincomicsstore.com

  3. hey could you please tell me where i can buy virgin comics in new delhi, india. i have asked this question before also, but i didnt get the answer,
    this is very bad you are making comics on indian lore but not selling in india itself…..very bad.

    please tell me…..

    waiting for reply

  4. Hey ORC:

    Virgin Comics are distributed in India by Gotham Comics. They have a store listing for Delhi at http://www.gothamcomics.com


  5. I read my first Sadhu issue 1 and found it extremely addictive. My son, Prasann (10yrs), loves the artwork and had me explaining things like laathi and other fighting styles. We live in Trinidad and Tobago and were wondering how we can get the other issues of Sadhu,Ramayan 3392AD and other comics.

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