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Eight Things You May Not Know About THE STRANDED

January 28, 2008

1. It’s a five-issue miniseries launching the new Virgin/SciFi line.

2. It starts from a very simple premise: What if everything you knew about your life was a lie? From there, it spins out a wild web of a narrative about aliens exiled to Earth and given false memories — to protect them from an enemy that won’t stop until they’re all dead.

3. Issue #1 is online as a widescreen digital comic at

4. It’s written and created by Mike Carey, the acclaimed writer whose work spans such diverse comics as X-Men, Lucifer, Re-Gifters, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Crossing Midnight, and Voodoo Child. THE STRANDED is his own creation, and he’s really let his imagination run wild.

5. It’s the first joint venture between comics powerhouse Virgin Comics and TV powerhouse SciFi. And this isn’t just some sign-a-contract-and-take-the-money deal; SciFi has been very closely involved in every aspect of the book. They’re very serious about developing new, exciting concepts through the medium of comics, and interacting with them has given all of us a new perspective on our work. When you write and edit comics most of the time, it’s easy to take certain things for granted…to assume that everyone will understand various shortcuts and visual conventions. SciFi’s outside perspective has really helped us putting together a book that works for comics fans and non-fans alike…without dumbing anything down. (I hope!)

6. It features stunning art by Siddharth Kotian (Eat the Dead), with covers by Marc Silvestri, Greg Horn, and Chris Moeller. Which means it’s a great-looking book all around.

7. It’s the first comic book I’ve edited in five years, following my long stints at Vertigo and Marvel Knights. And I have to say: This is one of the best first issues I’ve ever worked on. If you invest $2.99 in THE STRANDED #1, you’ll get a complete introduction, meet a variety of fascinating characters, thrill to two action scenes…and by the end, you’ll know exactly what we’re about. That’s thanks to everyone involved, but most especially to Mike Carey, who hit one out of the park right away. Thanks, Mike.

8. It’s only the beginning for the Virgin/SciFi line. Keep watching the skies!


-Stuart Moore


Welcome to the Tall Tales of Vishnu Sharma

January 22, 2008

Who is Vishnu Sharma and what sorts of tall tales is he telling? That’s a good question, and one that provokes many different answers. The Tall Tales of Vishnu Sharma: Panchatantra is the latest series from our Shakti imprint, spotlighting the best of India. Created by two of Indian comics’ most promising comic talents, Samit Basu (Devi) and Ashish Padlekar (Walk In), Tall Tales mines the stories of the Panchatantra—India’s precursor to Aesop’s Fables.

But this ain’t your Mother Goose’s story. In these tall tales, the characters of antiquity are being exterminated by other creations of fiction whose strength lies in their mass-market appeal, and whose bloodlust for the rebel Panchatantra characters is as real as the paper this is printed on. The fable-characters’ great hope is the titular Vishnu Sharma, descendant of the first Panchatantra storyteller, but a total child of his time. He’s too busy playing in online tournaments to worry about fighting storybook wars. But when a none-too-fictional talking Lion, Monkey and Bull arrive at his doorstep, Vishnu must choose between following in his ancestors’ footsteps by protecting the tales of the Panchatantra, or silently standing by as they disappear into storybook history.

Fantasy? Sure. Fiction? Not entirely. Around the world, the indigenous mythologies of great cultures are being forgotten. In Mexico and Brazil, Ethiopia and Norway, in China and in India, the effort to maintain our cultural identity in an increasingly integrated world has become a great struggle. The stories of our ancestors are dying out as younger generations are seduced by the Pokemons, the Harry Potters and the Samurai Jacks that are, for better or worse, becoming our new planetary myths. Tall Tales reclaims these stories by giving them a booming voice. So be it the wit of the Monkey, the might of the Bull or the ROAR of the Lion, The Tall Tales of Vishnu Sharma: Panchatantra is bringing the battle to us. And like Vishnu, it’ll be up to you to decide what you’re willing to fight for…. See you on the inside.

– The Chief
& the Virgin Comics Editorial Team

Check out the sneak peek to Issue #1:


Shadow Hunter Fan Pictures on Flickr

January 17, 2008

Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #0 hit stores earlier this month and we’re beginning to receive pictures from retailers and fans. We’ve created a Flickr group to share and geo-tag photos from across the world. Add Shadow Hunter pictures from your LCS, upcoming special events, from San Diego Comic-Con, or even to show off your signed lithographs. Also, remember to include “JJSH” as one of your tags.

Check out the Widescreen Digital Comic Sneak Peek to Chapter #1 (2/20) to catch up:


Shadow Hunter #0 on

January 15, 2008

Playboy’s got Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #0 as a free download.



Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter #0


Adult film megastar and Playboy pal Jenna Jameson has produced a comic book for Virgin Comics, and it’s not what you think. Turns out Jenna has a horror fetish, or as she puts it: “When other folks go back to their hotel rooms at night and watch me, I go back and watch horror films. I’m addicted to them.” With comics pro Christina Z (of Witchblade fame) Jenna has created Jezzerie Jaden, the titular Shadow Hunter. Modeled on Jenna herself, both physically and psychologically, our heroine has been seeing otherworldly visions since childhood, and is soon to discover that her family is, quite literally, from Hell. We’ll shut up and let Jenna, Christina and the amazing art (covers by Greg Horn, Greg Land, Daniel Brereton, J. Michael Linsner and Niko Henrichon, and interiors by Virgin Comics star Mukesh Singh) do the rest.


Jeff Parker on Gamekeeper Series 2

January 9, 2008



Jeff Parker, writer of Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper Series 2 (Issue #1 on stands 03/12/08), previews the new arc on Newsarama:

Newsarama: Jeff, for those unfamiliar with Gamekeeper, tell us a little about the concept and characters.

Jeff Parker: For real consistency, let me introduce assistant editor Charlie Beckerman, who has been with this book longer than me. Charlie?

Charlie Beckerman: What Guy wanted from the start was a kind of anti-hero. Picture James Bond in all his slickness and suaveness and then think about the exact opposite… a rough-around-the-edges guy who personifies the phrase “still waters run deep.” That’s our Brock.

Originally from Chechnya, Brock works as gamekeeper on the estate of Jonah Morgan, who he met ten years earlier during a skirmish in the Chechen mountains the Russian FSB (more or less, the post-Soviet KGB). Brock’s a dark, quiet man, owing largely to the loss of his young son during that same encounter, but there’s an animalistic quality inside of him that comes out when it is needed most.

Jonah Morgan, Brock’s friend and employer, was a scientific publisher before he was killed by mercenaries during a raid on his estate. He took Brock in after the loss of his son, but had also been harboring the secret of the Draganov equation, a secret Jonah died protecting.

Amanda Morgan is Jonah’s widow, a tough old bird who values her family above all else. It was Amanda that implored Brock to find Jonah’s killer.

Krista Morgan is Jonah and Amanda’s only daughter. After Brock tracked Jonah’s killer to a carbon broker in Amsterdam by the name of Van Allan, he discovered Krista dating him. It was Krista who unwittingly spilled the secret of the Draganov equation to Van Allan, who had commissioned the mercenaries to extract it.

In the fight during which Brock lost his son those many years ago in Chechnya, we met Sadic, who led the operation to capture and extract the Draganov equation from the scientist. In the battle that followed, Sadic surrendered an eye to Brock’s rage, and that’s a hard thing to forgive.

And then, lastly, new in this arc, you’re going to see the Soccer Club, a team of mercenaries led by a man named Volkes. They’re a rough-and-tumble crew, but they’re efficient. Their star player: a young sharpshooter named the Raven.

Click here to continue reading.


Blue is the New Black!

January 8, 2008


We here at Virgin Comics did a double-take yesterday morning when we saw a blue guy being interviewed by Matt Lauer on The Today Show. Sure we have a blue guy in Rama from the Ramayan 3392AD comic, but it also made us think about the Blue Man Group, the time when Dr. Tobias Fünke painted his whole body blue, and crazy sports fans on Gameday. Do you have what it takes to turn yourself into a blue guy or girl? Send a picture to

Whoever we deem most innovative will win a Ramayan prize package, featuring Ramayan 3392AD Vol. 1 TPB, Ramayan 3392AD Reloaded issues 1-3, and a limited edition Rama: The Warrior Prince collector’s statue. The winner will be selected on January 31, 2008, so get those pictures in soon!

Need a refresher course in our Ramayan 3392AD series? Head over to to check out a Ramayan 3392AD Widescreen Digital Comic.


Coaltion Comix Update

January 7, 2008

Read Mike Carey’s latest blog for the Queen’s Rook outline. Post your thoughts about pacing, content, sequence, structure… and, y’know, anything else…

See the entire comic unfold at