Shadow Hunter Fan Pictures on Flickr

January 17, 2008

Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #0 hit stores earlier this month and we’re beginning to receive pictures from retailers and fans. We’ve created a Flickr group to share and geo-tag photos from across the world. Add Shadow Hunter pictures from your LCS, upcoming special events, from San Diego Comic-Con, or even to show off your signed lithographs. Also, remember to include “JJSH” as one of your tags.

Check out the Widescreen Digital Comic Sneak Peek to Chapter #1 (2/20) to catch up: http://www.virgincomics.com/shadowhunterWS.html


  1. people really like this one hhuh?

  2. Great Story.
    Jenna Jameson …rawr.

  3. Lame! the comic shops in my area have no idea what i’m even talking about when i ask for it. i even have two people looking for it and they still can’t find it. so not happy.

  4. Look Jema Jaimeson, sorry but it’s all been done already thanks, we us Christians e.t.c didn’t need one of their kind to do what you’ve written about….unfortunately it’s GOOD VS EVIL NOT EVIL VS EVIL….HA….except for maybe GHOST RIDER, OH AND PREDATOR ON THE HUNT FOR BATMAN….SEE YOUTUBE PLEASE….anyway good luck with the venture.

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