Eight Things You May Not Know About THE STRANDED

January 28, 2008

1. It’s a five-issue miniseries launching the new Virgin/SciFi line.

2. It starts from a very simple premise: What if everything you knew about your life was a lie? From there, it spins out a wild web of a narrative about aliens exiled to Earth and given false memories — to protect them from an enemy that won’t stop until they’re all dead.

3. Issue #1 is online as a widescreen digital comic at www.virgincomics.com/stranded.html

4. It’s written and created by Mike Carey, the acclaimed writer whose work spans such diverse comics as X-Men, Lucifer, Re-Gifters, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Crossing Midnight, and Voodoo Child. THE STRANDED is his own creation, and he’s really let his imagination run wild.

5. It’s the first joint venture between comics powerhouse Virgin Comics and TV powerhouse SciFi. And this isn’t just some sign-a-contract-and-take-the-money deal; SciFi has been very closely involved in every aspect of the book. They’re very serious about developing new, exciting concepts through the medium of comics, and interacting with them has given all of us a new perspective on our work. When you write and edit comics most of the time, it’s easy to take certain things for granted…to assume that everyone will understand various shortcuts and visual conventions. SciFi’s outside perspective has really helped us putting together a book that works for comics fans and non-fans alike…without dumbing anything down. (I hope!)

6. It features stunning art by Siddharth Kotian (Eat the Dead), with covers by Marc Silvestri, Greg Horn, and Chris Moeller. Which means it’s a great-looking book all around.

7. It’s the first comic book I’ve edited in five years, following my long stints at Vertigo and Marvel Knights. And I have to say: This is one of the best first issues I’ve ever worked on. If you invest $2.99 in THE STRANDED #1, you’ll get a complete introduction, meet a variety of fascinating characters, thrill to two action scenes…and by the end, you’ll know exactly what we’re about. That’s thanks to everyone involved, but most especially to Mike Carey, who hit one out of the park right away. Thanks, Mike.

8. It’s only the beginning for the Virgin/SciFi line. Keep watching the skies!


-Stuart Moore



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