Jonathan Mostow’s The Megas #1 On Sale Today — Free Shipping!

February 27, 2008

From the visionary director of Terminator 3, Jonathan Mostow, enter the world of The Megas.

Beautiful. Powerful. Better.

What would life be like if America wasn’t a democracy? What if our founding fathers were a group of powerful men from a unique race whose only purpose was to ensure the continuity of their own reign? Fast-forward 230 years to today, and we have found ourselves entrenched in a totalitarian society, where inferior commoners are governed by the powerful “Megas”.

The Megas follows Detective Jack Madison’s race-against-the-clock investigation to uncover secrets behind the mysterious sex-fueled suicide of a Prince in The Megas royal family. Meanwhile, the King is on his deathbed and society is bracing for the inevitable chaos that will surely ensue once he dies. As one controversial truth after another is revealed, Detective Madison finds himself entrenched in lies, corruption and power struggles.

Buy Issue #1 from the Virgin Comics Store to get free shipping on this book.


One comment

  1. Great Book, the art and the story are well done. And the premise is very interesting indeed, especially in light of the current politicians running the U.S. and their deplorable, and illegal conduct. Keep up the good work.

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