Jenna Jameson’s Family from Hell contest extended by popular demand!

March 17, 2008

Due to overwhelming interest in our Family From Hell contest for Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter, we’ve decided to extend the entry cut-off date to April 1st. Please keep in mind that any entry submitted to familyfromhell@virgincomics.com will be eligible to win, but we can only post submissions that include some sort of visual element in our interactive Kyte player. We have received numerous text-only entries, which are still in the running to win but cannot be updated onto our Kyte player.

The grand prize winner will be drawn into the graphic novel edition of Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter by acclaimed artist Greg Horn. No word yet on how badly the winner’s butt will get kicked by the Shadow Hunter! Other prizes include Jenna Jameson-signed lithographs and a collection of graphic novels from Virgin Comics.

Go to www.jennacomix.com for more information on the contest. The two newest entries we posted are titled Family From Hell: A Documentary and The Family From Hell Song– be sure to check them out!


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