Dan Dare at the Science Museum and “The Legendary Hero” Contest

April 4, 2008

While Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future, was battling Mekons and brokering peace with alien races in outer space, post-war Britain was reinventing itself as a hi-tech nation back on Earth. This technological revolution is going to be the focus of a free exhibition due to open on April 29, 2008 at the Science Museum, London. Titled Dan Dare and the Birth of Hi-tech Britain, the exhibition is expected to run until October 2009.

Dan Dare has been an icon since 1950. Elaborate stories of his space travel and galactic battles defending people of the universe captivated millions of Britons. Dan Dare’s adventures burst to the forefront of pop culture, selling nearly 1 million copies each week in the pages of the Eagle Comic. Rightfully so, Dan Dare will be at the forefront of the exhibit, representing an unrelenting spirit of adventure and innovation.

The Eagle Times blog confirms that there will be a special display of original artwork, merchandise and memorabilia. Artwork on display will include Frank Hampson’s Dan Dare murals, commissioned by the Science Museum in 1977, and alongside some original artboards from the 1950s/60s Eagle (the latter were acquired by the museum in the 1990s).

In November 2007, Virgin Comics brought Dan Dare out of retirement with Garth Ennis scripting the series and Gary Erskine on art. We couldn’t be happier about this exhibition to celebrate such a legendary hero and are giving away 10 Limited Edition Dan Dare Lithographs signed by Garth Ennis (featuring cover art by Bryan Talbot). All you have to do is send an email to win@virgincomics.com with “HERO” as the subject and tell us why you think Dan Dare is your hero and the ten best entries will win. Contest ends on 4/30 and is open to US residents only—winners will be announced on our blog and newsletter.

Official Exhibit Press Release

EDIT: We couldn’t exclude our worldwide friends for Dan Dare, so keep those emails coming!



  1. Great!

  2. A UK Hero only open for US? That’s quite poor. What does Richard Branson have to say about it? Richard bought back Dan Dare so why US exclusive comp?

    I’ve bought all the issue to date. Now I’m not sure was it worth it.

    Very disappointed fan of the new and old Dan Dare comics.

  3. Thanks Virgin Comics for the change of heart.


  4. Dan Dare is very much a British super hero and represents the best of British sci-fi in the tradition of Doctor Who, Space:1999 and U.F.O. A UK hero for our time who is now with the creative team of Virgin Comics poised to take on the best U.S. superheroes.

  5. What a great idea, having a Dan Dare-themed exhibition at the Science Museum. Thanks for the info! 🙂

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  7. Been a fan since it was first publish in 1950, when my grandmother used to send us many English comics, including Eagle, with Dan Dare as my favorite. I just hope that they can re-issue all of the comics in digital format and make them available to us old timer fans, plus the newer generation who are discovering them for the first time. Still trying to find a complete video collection of the only TV series issued, which lasted one season with 26 episodes(13-2 part). Only video issued was for half of the season(Best Of). Still anything is better then nothing.

  8. […] Speaking of events, Dan Dare takes over the Science Museum in London beginning April […]

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