Dan Dare: The Legendary Hero Contest Winners

May 1, 2008

Thanks to everyone that entered our Dan Dare: The Legendary Hero. So many of you had such fantastic words about our legendary pilot of the future. It was hard to select just 10 winners to receive the Dan Dare limited edition lithographs signed by Garth Ennis. But rest assured, we actually do have a few more autographed lithos tucked away for a rainy day, so keep your eyes open for future Dan Dare contests!

Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite entries:

“Dan Dare is the epitome of everything that is good and British. A real hero for all times. His adventures have deeper meanings linked to international politics, camaraderie and humanity. A great bloke!”—Kevin L.

“So why is Dan Dare my hero? Because he has always represented the highest levels of human behavior, and quietly displayed that in nine years of his creators involvement in Eagle.”—terranova47

“Dan Dare changed our perception of the word ‘hero’. Through his tense and gripping page turning adventures he fought to free us from our chains, allowing us to venture to other worlds.”—Lee F.

“Dan Dare is my hero because he was my dad’s hero. My dad is a bit of a hero (no Mekons fought, but much else to admire) and now the time has come for Dan Dare to be my hero.”—Paul W.

“Our comic market here in Germany is dominated by comic books from the USA, especially superheroes. Of course there are a few German comic characters that are very well known here but they are not as interesting as the ones from the US. Dan Dare is my hero because he is a prototype of the bold starship pilots who save Earth when other people have lost their hope.”—Dirk J.

“Dan Dare is my hero because like me Dan is a veteran. I enjoyed my time in service, even during war, and Dan seems to be the same.”—Garrett B.

“Dan Dare is a hero because under any amount of pressure he is always calm. That to me is the coolest thing about him. If he’s fighting aliens or saving them, he is the one in control.”—Brent S.

“I live my life the same way as Dan Dare and since we are both well educated and use are smarts to avoid needless violence, but when necessary can kick ass with martial arts training.”—Danny D.

“Dan Dare is my hero because he’s proof that someone my age can be a hero too.”—Matt L.

“Dan Dare usually involves elaborate stories of his space travel and galactic battles defending people of the universe.”—Tim K.


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  1. […] A couple of weeks back we wrote about the Dan Dare exhibit at the Science Museum in London and ran Dan Dare: The Legendary Hero contest in celebration of the event. For those of you who can’t make it to London, BBC.com walks […]

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