Ramayan 3392 A.D. Reloaded Review

May 12, 2008

Ramayan 3392 A.D. Reloaded

If you haven’t already caught up with Ramayan Reloaded 3392 A.D., you can get the trade paperback at our online store now. Get on board this epic journey and be sure to check out CBR’s review of the book.

There’s a thematic undercurrent in the book, emphasizing transcendence. Emphasizing that some of these characters have not reached their full potential. And that’s what the hero’s quest is always about. Growing through experience. Finding the path.

“Ramayan 3392 Volume 2” is accessible and intriguing, and the epic journey really does begin here. I hope it will continue for a long time.



  1. Why is the TPB not in stock in Amazon???

  2. this ramayan series is wonderful lot of difference b/w spiderman india ,jeevan u r each panel is mind blowing keep rocking

  3. I want to download This ramayan

  4. best comics from the virgin stables i love the ramayan series and the art in reloaded is super awesome i have all the issues of 3392 and reloaded as well cant wait for issue 6 to be published you rock dudes

  5. I just went through the beginning few pages although the graphics are amazing and the look and feel of the comic is mind blowing the content is something that is bothering. I have read Ramayan and have observed a few problems the biggest one being the one where Rama is sent for a 14 year exile. It was not because he surrendered, which he never did in the first place, but he was sent on the exile because the Maharaj Dashratha’a third wife, Queen Kaikai blackmails him into sending Rama on an exile so that her son Prince Bharat can get the throne. Please do get the facts right before printing because it might hurt sentiments of many Indians especially those who know the Ramayan thoroughly.

  6. Aniruddha the comics is not meant to present the original version. It is set in the future, so do not get troubled by the liberty taken by the writer to drift from the original.

  7. Alpha.. Yes, agreed that this Comic is not meant to present the Original Version. But the Themes and the Main Charecter of the Comic.. Rama… is as we all hindus know the LORD RAMA.. the Re-Incarnation of LORD VISHNU, so indeed the God himself. The one before whom all the HINDUS bow..
    So care MUST be taken while taking liberty to “drift” from the Original.

  8. Alright, I don’t think this should be the problem at all. The Ramayan we are talking about is from the FUTURE, with the concept of history repeats itself. So I don’t think there should be any problem if writers take some liberty to make story interesting. And being Hindu we do know who is Lord Ram from Original Ramayan and who is comic book human type Ram from future, right?

    Even in India, we have various versions of Ramayana, With drastic differences. For instance within the ancient ‘Kambha Ramayana’, Ravana is a protagonist where as in original version he is the principle antagonist, how do you tolerate that? come on, these all were the epic tales and all writers of that time took their own liberties while writing. I believe in Vishnu but that does not mean I should protest to save His image whenever I see even tiny significance to Him in anything. Lord is there to save us and not vice versa.

    Most of the times people starts crying foul even before thinking clear. We are not talking about LORD Ram here. We are talking about some hero called Ram from future, I never seen writers claiming him as ‘avatar’ of Vishnu, did you? So why you want to connect this with the original Ramayana? It’s just the story base which is taken from the original, I don’t think the detailed storyline will be even 50% close to it.

    Please understand the difference and don’t let your sentiments get hurt so easily. It’s good to see god in everything but that does not mean you should limit others liberty because of this. Lord Rama is a very big entity and it’s there in Original Ramayana and in hearts of Hindus, no one can even dare to disgrace it.

  9. This is Awesome man!!!! Looks like a totally new reloution. In a war. Thts a comic Movie Dude.

    Rock On !!!!

  10. I just want to know how I can order all the Ramayan and Ramayan Reloaded issues printed till now. How many more are gonna be printed?

  11. I have been reading the Ramayan Reborn since last week, actually, I just came to know bout its existence. It’s one of the best comics I have ever read. Btw, as far as I know, there are only 8 issues published and I have no idea on what happened after that. Are you guys gonna publish more issues or is that the end of the story??? I really want you guys to come up with the rest of the issues as soon as possible. It’s an excellent comic.

  12. Hi Jeevan,

    There are about 16 issues total.

    Volume 1 has 8 issues
    Volume 2 has 5 issues

    3 more issues were released, before Virgin Comics shut down.

  13. hi so can we get a hold on issues from 9-16?
    if yes where?

  14. Since Virgin Comics are still operating under ‘Liquid comics’…Are they going to release any more RAMAYANA REALODED…as the story is incomplete. And it is soooooooo awesome!

    Is Deepak Chopra going to complete it?

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