Indie Rockers Heart Buddha

May 23, 2008

Seattle-based indie rockers, Death Cab for Cutie, whose new album Narrow Stairs is currently sitting atop the Billboard charts at #1, was profiled in the May 18th issue of The New York Times. We were ecstatic to learn that guitarist/keyboardist/producer Chris Walla has become enamored by the teachings of the Buddha, so much so that it drove him to criminal behavior. Ok, maybe we’re exaggerating just a little bit…

The band was staying in a hotel, and instead of the usual Bible in a nightstand drawer, “there was a book of the teachings of the Buddha,” he said. “I started reading it, and I got really into it. I felt like I wanted to keep on reading it.” So he took it with him when he checked out and “read it cover to cover three times.” But unlike most of us who feel sheepish about things we have taken, as in stolen, Mr. Walla, 32, had a chance to do something about it. The day after the interview he was scheduled to meet the Dalai Lama, the leader of Tibetan Buddhism.

You can read the entire article here.

Mr. Walla, we have a solution to help wipe your guilt away… pick up a copy of our comic book adaptation of Deepak Chopra’s New York Times best-selling novel, Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment! The first two issues are on sale now, and there’s even a free widescreen digital version of the first issue on www.virgincomics.com. We are also proud to unveil a brand new trailer for Buddha, featuring voice over from Deepak Chopra himself, and original music from Josh Allen of the Brooklyn band Meanwhiles (it’s a full-blown indie love-fest, kids!).

In honor of Death Cab’s incredible #1 record and the release of our Buddha trailer, we’re offering a $5 discount on any purchase of $10 or more at virgincomicsstore.com, with the code DEATHCAB. Offer expires on June 5th, so act fast!


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