Wizard lingers over LINGER cover

June 17, 2008

In his weekly roundup of compelling covers, Wizard Creative Director and head designer Steve Blackwell singles out our new, supernatural horror one-shot, LINGER. Designed in-house by editor Charlie Beckerman, the simple, yet haunting cover garnered the following praise:

“Beckerman creates a piece reminiscent of a movie poster to land on the list this week. In a sea of covers full of characters, sometimes an approach like this can stand out from the crowd. From a distance, the cover is simple, clean and creates a spooky vibe. Once the viewer takes a closer look, a face is apparent in the smoke at the base of the cover. This cranks up the creep-o-meter and more firmly establishes the tone of the book.”

Written by Shamik Dasgupta with art by Marcus V.A. Corraya, LINGER tells the frightening story of a road trip gone awry when two friends accidentally run over a holy mystic, whose spirit is determined not to go gently into the night. It is available at comic stores everywhere. To read the Wizard article go HERE.


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  1. […] On the heels of LINGER’s appearance on Wizard Universe’s Cover of the Week roundup last week, PROJECT: KALKI issue #2 has scored again for Virgin Comics. In the June 18, 2008 edition of the […]

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