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Dave Stewart’s ZOMBIE BROADWAY trailer

April 1, 2008

With the un-dead causing mayhem and New York City in shambles, the President has his finger on the button—ready to nuke Manhattan Island.  There remains only one hope, one way to avert another disaster and save the city—a good cheery new musical!

Unlike the zombie films of yore, Zombie Broadway imagines zombies as not so different from regular folk; they eat candy and junk food and even enjoy a nice evening out at the theater.  Somehow, Broadway show tunes sedate their violent ways. Could a Broadway show starring singing and dancing zombies be the key to saving the City? You’ll have to read the book to find out.  On sale now at


Deepak Chopra’s BUDDHA #1 and Dave Stewart’s ZOMBIE BROADWAY in stores today

March 26, 2008

Deepak Chopra's Buddha #1

“Awake. Seek truth. Stumble. Begin again.” This is the simple yet profound message from Buddha, the man who reached enlightenment and was raised to the rank of an immortal. Hitting comic shops today is Deepak Chopra’s Buddha #1, the comic book adaptation of his New York Times bestseller. Experience the life of the Awakened One as adapted by Joshua Dysart (Violent Messiahs, Swamp Thing, B.P.R.D.) and lavishly illustrated by Harshavardan Kadam.

Dave Stewart's Zombie Broadway

Also hitting stores today is Dave Stewart’s Zombie Broadway. When a zombie plague ravages New York City leaving only a couple thousand survivors, the government plans to bomb the city (in spite of the humans still living there) to get rid of the infestation. That is, until the mayor realizes that zombies react positively to… show tunes?! Hence, a Broadway musical starring zombies is staged in a last-ditch attempt to bring peace to the city. Will it be a standing ovation or curtains for us all?!


Dave Stewart’s Walk In #6: Help create buzz!

June 5, 2007

So while browsing blogs that posted about VC this weekend, I came across this page from Walk In #6 that has caught some attention of fans. It would be great if our fans can help us create some buzz around Walk In and our other stories.

You can check out the aforementioned page here:

Also, please DIGG the page so we can get more people to hear about VC.

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Virgin Comics: Hello Blogosphere!

June 5, 2007

For those new to Virign Comics, it is a partnership between Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, author Deepak Chopra, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and the company our CEO Sharad Devarajan co-founded in 1997, Gotham Entertainment Group (

Similar to the success of Japanese anime and manga, our mission is to define a new wave of Indian character entertainment and permeate this style and vision to audiences from Boston to Beijing to Bangalore.

Guided by Deepak Chopra and Shekhar Kapur, our studio of artists and writers are sparking a creative renaissance in India—leading the country’s transition from outsourcer to a source of innovative and dynamic creations and creators. With a unique creative and cultural identity, the 500 million youths of India today are sparking a transition in thinking for their country and for their world.

Our Shakti line of comics collects stories based on ancient Indian mythologies but re-imagined for a global audience.

The Director’s Cut brings together iconic filmmakers and the best comics writers, including Shekhar Kapur + Zeb Wells, John Woo + Garth Ennis, Guy Ritchie + Andy Diggle.

The Virgin Voices imprint collects comics created by innovative minds from artists of different media like Dave Stewart and Nicolas Cage.

For more info visit