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Be A Real Nowhere Man Contest

July 17, 2008

To celebrate the release of this fall’s new sci-fi/action series Nowhere Man, we’re launching our Be A Real Nowhere Man Contest where we’re giving five lucky winners the chance to be a real Nowhere Man and get drawn into an issue!! Not only will you get yourself immortalized in comic book history, but creators Hugh Jackman, Marc Guggenheim and Paul Gulacy will sign the issue in which you appear. Ten runners-up will receive a copy of Nowhere Man #1 signed by Hugh Jackman.

Will you be a government agent? A bad-ass assassin? You’ll have to enter to find out!


Marc Guggenheim talks NOWHERE MAN

April 7, 2008

Marc Guggenheim, writer of Hugh Jackman’s Nowhere Man shares his thoughts on story concepts and themes:

“It’s basically a science fiction book, set in the far future and it deals, essentially, with the Patriot Act on steroids, but in a totally surprising way. It’s one thing to say ‘the Patriot Act on steroids,’ but you have to know the kind of steroids we are talking about here.

“They really completely upend any notion of personal privacy that you might have. One of things we all initially talked about was how the best science fiction had things to say about today. By telling stories about the future, we are telling stories about the here and now. And obviously, in the wake of 9/11, we all, as Americans, have a choice to make, in terms of our security versus our personal privacy and where do you strike that balance. It’s obviously something a lot of politicians, and judges and lawyers and citizens and patriots have debated. Not just after 9/11 but before 9/11. I think we have a chance to say something interesting and new about the topic. Plus we have a really cool, very kick-ass science fiction story to tell.”

Check out the full story at ComicBookResources


Hugh Jackman’s Nowhere Man

March 25, 2008

As reported on the front page of today’s Variety, Hugh Jackman and writer Marc Guggenheim (Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man) have teamed up for Hugh Jackman’s Nowhere Man, Virgin Comics’ latest project under our Voices imprint, featuring comics from iconic celebrities and creators like Jenna Jameson, Dave Stewart, Duran Duran, West Coast Customs and others.

Look for the debut of Hugh Jackman’s Nowhere Man later this summer.  Check out the full story at Variety.