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Exclusive Dan Dare Trailer Launches on MySpaceTV

June 19, 2008

To celebrate the release of the over-sized hardcover Dan Dare collection, MySpaceTV is airing an exclusive trailer of our doughty pilot of the future. To view the bold, new trailer journey here.

The over-sized hardcover edition collects issues 1 through 3 of Dan Dare, written by Garth Ennis with art by Gary Erskine. Look for it in book stores,, and the Virgin Comics store.


Read Deepak Chopra’s BEYOND #1 Online for FREE!

June 11, 2008

The first issue of Deepak Chopra’s Beyond has been summed up perfectly in Comics Bulletin’s 4-bullet review: “This is a great first issue of a new series — the characters and their personalities are introduced without being too heavy-handed, the dilemma of the plot is posed, the world is explored. Honestly, this feels like it might turn out to be some of Ron Marz’s best work.  I am surprisingly pleased with this new series, and I’m actually looking forward to buying the second issue. That’s not something I can say very often with new comic series, unfortunately, so I’m always thrilled when it happens.”

The feedback on this issue has been so overwhelmingly positive from fans, reviewers and retailers alike that we’ve underestimated the demand and it’s been selling out in stores across the country!  Since we’re only a few weeks away from Beyond #2 hitting comic shops on June 25th, we decided the fastest way to meet the increasing demand for this issue is to post the entire issue online FOR FREE on our MySpace page.

Beyond follows a brutal physical and spiritual journey of a desperate husband searches for his missing wife while on vacation in India, and is based on an original science fiction story by Deepak Chopra, and adapted by Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Witchblade, Samurai: Heaven & Hell) and illustrated by Edison George.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity to get on board now with the story that Augie De Blieck Jr. at Comic Book Resources says “… piles on the mysteries at a breakneck pace, giving us exotic locales and beautiful art to keep our eyes excited.”


MySpaceTV Showcases Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper Trailer on Homepage

April 9, 2008

The animated trailer for Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper has been selected as featured content on MySpaceTV, the viral video community of MySpace. Concurrently, the trailer is also the Featured Video of the social networking site’s comic book community, MySpace Comic Books.


Coaltion Comix Update

January 7, 2008

Read Mike Carey’s latest blog for the Queen’s Rook outline. Post your thoughts about pacing, content, sequence, structure… and, y’know, anything else…

See the entire comic unfold at



November 1, 2007

Exciting developments are afoot with your very own Coalition Comix. We have just posted the results of Vote 2. YOU have spoken and here are the results!

The vote went like this:

1. Betrayal 57.6%
2. Gaining Self-Knowledge 18.2%
3. Loss/Bereavement 16%
4. Obligations to self or others 8.2%

The next vote is central to the story:

What sort of protagonist(s)/main character(s) should we have in our book?

1. Solo hero of either sex, loner
2. Duo, or hero with friend/sidekick
3. Team book or ensemble cast
4. Ensemble cast built around solo hero, a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Mike Carey wants to hear what you think — drop by the profile, read his blog, and join the discussion on the forum. And don’t forget — VOTE! This vote ends on November 7th so VOTE EARLY and VOTE OFTEN!



October 22, 2007

Hola! Quick reminder about Coalition Comix — where MySpace users and Richard Branson’s Virgin Comics teamed up to build a brand new comic book from the ground up. VOTING HAS STARTED and you can now decide what genre the comic book should be!

The first vote at ends on the 23rd (ONE DAY LEFT), so click below to make sure your vote counts! Exciting new features soon — stay tuned!



October 11, 2007

COALITION COMIX are original comics books created from a blank canvas by YOU! Story Master Mike Carey will present the Coalition with a decision to make – and let you decide the course of this comic with your votes! The power is in YOUR hands!

Place your first vote here:

Discuss your ideas with Mike in the forums: