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Comic-Con Exclusives Contest!

August 4, 2008

Missed out on this year’s San Diego Comic-Con? Overcome with grief that you couldn’t be there to purchase one of our three Comic-Con exclusives?

Well, perk up your shoulders and keep your head afloat because we still have a few left over from the Con! Be one of the first five to email with the subject “Comic-Con Exclusives” and win: an ink variant (limited to 500) and a pencil sketch variant (limited to 250) of the double-size finale of Dan Dare (issue #7) featuring a Dave Gibbons wrap-around cover, as well as Grant Morrison’s MBX Sketchbook (limited to 1,000) , which features art and script excerpts from the upcoming Virgin Comics/Perspective Studios animated series.

Winners will be notified through email. Be sure to include your mailing address in the body of the email. Open to international residents.

If you’re feeling unlucky and would instead like to purchase the Con exclusives directly, please visit our online store.


Mukesh Singh Nominated for Prestigious Russ Manning Award

May 28, 2008

Congratulations to our very own breakthrough artist Mukesh Singh on being nominated for the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award. With his incredible work on Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter, Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper, and Devi, Mukesh is quickly building an astounding resume. And the industry is taking notice!

The Russ Manning award is given to a comic book artist “who, early in his career, shows a superior knowledge and ability in the art of creating comics.” The winner will be announced on July 25th at the Eisner Awards Ceremony at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. To see samples of Singh’s gorgeous artwork on Shadow Hunter check out our free widescreen digital comic. For a complete list of the nominees click here.


Comic-Con Photos

August 18, 2007

Nic & Weston Cage after the Voodoo Child signing

Jenna Jameson at the VC booth

Jenna having fun

Jenna signing SHADOW HUNTER lithographs

Ed Burns at the DOCK WALLOPER press conference


Jenna Jameson Interview at SDCC

August 2, 2007

Recently, adult film star and New York Times best-selling author Jenna Jameson teamed with Virgin Comics for her latest endeavor, “Shadow Hunter,” which follows the exploits of a risque superhero whose near death experience has her battling the forces of the evil on a daily basis. Making her first appearance at Comic-Con, Jameson talks with Erin Maxwell of about her upcoming foray into comics, as well as other mainstream projects in the pipeline:

Erin: So, this is your first Comic-Con. Are you excited to be here?

Jenna: I talked to my friends a lot about it. For the past five or six years, my friends have been signing here and they will call me and say, Jenna, you have to come down here. It’s like a world unto itself. And I guess it’s really hard to fathom until you experience it. So, I’m pretty excited. Just driving down here to the convention, it’s totally different. There were Chewbaccas on the road.

Erin: This is a good place for it. On my way out yesterday, I had my car attacked by 30 zombies being chased by Shaun from “Shaun of the Dead.”

Jenna: Oh my god, how cool. I think I’m going to love this convention because I’m a nerd at heart. I think a lot of the times people talk about these things and sometimes they just don’t know, but I’m a fan of these things.

Erin: Are you a big fan of comics in general?

Jenna: I’m a huge fan of MacFarlane. I love the Spawn series. I’m very horror driven. When Virgin approached me, I was like please tell me I can (put) my ideas into effect. The “Spawn” series is something that I would want to model my whole career in the comic industry after.

Erin: Your new comic “Shadow Hunter” won’t have any adult content, but it will still be for mature readers. Can you explain it a bit?

Jenna: It’s about a girl who has a near death experience, and when she is revived, she comes back with super powers. Not overt super powers, but powers of a more sexual nature. Kind of what a girl can already do to a man, but to the tenth power.

Erin: Like Poison Ivy?

Jenna: Yeah. Just be able to mind meld people with her beauty and sexual power. The storyline is still evolving. I want to make sure there is as much of me in this as possible.

Erin: What have you contributed to it so far?

Jenna: It’s all fairly new. It all came about in the last month. I told all the guys at Virgin that I would wake up in the middle of the night and write down all my notes on my Sidekick. I want to be able to work with the writers. I never want to just put my stamp on anything and just walk away. I want to put my heart and soul into something. But that’s who I am. I think that’s why I’ve been so successful in my career. Because everything that I do, I embrace 100%. I never sign on to anything without knowing I can devote all of my time to it.

Erin: Are you hoping “Shadow Hunter” will make it to feature film?

Jenna: I really would love for it to get to the point where it would be adapted into a feature film. It would be something I would be excited to actually star in. Right now, I’m working on pre-negotiations with Universal on my movie based on my book (“How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale”), but I’m not going to star in it, and that’s by my own accord. I don’t want to. I don’t want to relive my life.

Erin: Who do you have an eye for?

Jenna: Scarlett Johansson. She has a depth to her, and sexiness. I think she could capture the ins and outs, the hard times and the good times of my life. She’s my first choice. There are people vying for the role that you would not believe. I mean, people you would never think of as an actress. A lot of pop stars. Maybe it would work. Maybe it will be great. But the bottom line is that I want it to be edgy, dark and real. We are talking to Peter Berg about directing it.

For this comic moving onto the feature film avenue, I would love to star in something sci-fi where I can be physical. I don’t want to play myself. This would be fun. I can bring sensitivity to the character that I don’t think has really been tapped into with any of the other characters that have come out. Women know I’m not just a sexual icon. I’m a feminist also. There are so many different facets to me that I would want to make sure are played out in this story.

Via: The GameLink Blog



July 27, 2007


Filmmaker and Actor creates “Dock Walloper” series for Virgin’s “Director’s Cut” Comic Book Line

SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON—July 27th, 2007—New York filmmaker and actor, Ed Burns (Brothers McMullen, Saving Private Ryan) is creating a new series of comic books, it was announced today by Burns at Comic-Con, the industry’s annual super-festival in San Diego.

The series, entitled Dock Walloper, debuts in comic shops and online comic retailers in November. The complete 144 page Dock Walloper book will be available in May 2008 at all major book sellers. A new site, will host additional information, previews and pre-orders of the comic art and books. The comic series will be written by Burns, along with comic book legend, Jimmy Palmiotti (Painkiller Jane, Monolith). Cover and interior art for the series will be created by Virgin Comics’ in-house illustration studio and led by rising comic book star, Siju Thomas.

“As we are approaching the centennial of Prohibition in America, I wanted to re-imagine some of the characters and icons of that era with a mythic spin, in a story set in a stylized New York City of the 20’s,” said Ed Burns. “The story takes the classic American gangster tale, and transposes it to this atmospheric landscape, where the characters and inhabitants possess exaggerated strength, ability and power, capturing a modern American mythology.”

“Ed Burns is one of New York City’s favorite sons and there is no one better to tell this story,” said Virgin Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan. “Dock Walloper is the perfect addition to our Director’s Cut line, which allows iconic filmmakers the creative freedom to develop new stories in the visual medium of graphic novels, akin to a movie with an unlimited budget.”

Dock Walloper is the story that takes place in the roaring 20’s of New York City. America’s great metropolis has become the nexus of high society culture, cutting edge industry and perhaps the most shocking crime wave in our country’s history. Known for its sinister and treacherous underworld, there’s a new power waking up the city that never sleeps. It’s name… John “The Hand” Smith.

The Nickname is a given. An outcast and an orphan, Smith’s massive right hand is nearly twice as large as his left, and when push comes to shove, you’d pity anyone that’s gets in his way. Smith’s only friends in the world are a fellow orphan and low-rent black gangster nicknamed Bootsy, and a Asian femme fatale known as Ring–a-Ling. In a world of crime, passion, and a touch of the fantastic, they will attempt to change organized crime…or die trying.

“From the first moment I sat down with Ed at an LA coffee shop and heard him talk about Dock Walloper, I knew we were gonna create something really cool and unique,” said Gotham Chopra, Virgin Comics Chief Creative Officer. “Ed’s intensive involvement already up to this point in the development of that actual comic and now having Jimmy Palmiotti doing the writing on the series insures that the industry is about to change forever.”



July 25, 2007


The Web’s Most Downloaded Woman Creates “Shadow Hunter” Comic for Virgin’s Celebrity “Voices” Line

SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON—July 25th, 2007— World-famous entrepreneur, adult entertainment icon and New York Times best-selling author Jenna Jameson is creating and starring in her own series of comic books, it was announced today by Virgin Comics CEO, Sharad Devarajan, at Comic-Con, the industry’s annual super-festival in San Diego. The series, titled Shadow Hunter, debuts in comic shops and online comic retailers in December. The complete 108 page Shadow Hunter book will be available in June 2008 at all major book sellers. A new site, will host additional information, previews and pre-orders of the comic art and books.

Shadow Hunter is the story of a provocative superheroine who survives a brush with death only to find herself fighting the legions of hell for her very soul. Cover art for the first issue has been created by Greg Horn, a top illustrator of comic books and video games. The story, while provocative and sexy, contains no nudity and is intended for a mainstream audience.

“Jenna Jameson is a cultural force,” said Virgin Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan. “She is an entrepreneur who is taking the taboo to the mainstream and has built an industry around her brand.”

“I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Virgin to bring this story to life, first as comics and eventually in film and other formats,” said Jenna Jameson. “Working with comics is creatively liberating – everything is possible. My character is sultry, sexy and kicks ass!’

“Jenna brings a defiance and edge to everything she does, said Gotham Chopra, Chief Creative Officer of Virgin Comics. “She’s a provocateur and there’s no doubt that our creative team at Virgin is going to have a blast collaborating with her. I can assure you every artist we have in our studio is vying to get assigned to this project!”

San Diego Comic-Con is preparing for record crowds when Jenna makes her very first appearance at this event that attracts more than 100,000 fans. Jenna will be speaking about Shadow Hunter and signing autographs for fans on Saturday afternoon, July 28 at 4:30 PM. Images from the series will be available from the Virgin Comics booth at the San Diego Convention Center.



July 23, 2007

The greatest show in comics is upon us and Virgin Comics will be there on all days of course. Make sure to stop by BOOTH# 1803 to pick up our con specials, catch up on all the exciting new announcements, or tell us what you think of the comics so far. We will be updating the blog with pictures and announcements so stay tuned. For frequent updates be sure to check out our TWITTER PAGE and leave a message. See you in San Diego hopefully!