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SCI FI Channel Racks Up Emmy Nominations

July 17, 2008

The Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and we’re thrilled that our friends at SCI FI Channel walked away with 16 nominations for Tin Man, Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Atlantis! Very exciting!! The full list of nominations can be found here. We’re looking forward to the day that we can post an Emmy nomination for The Stranded . But until it hits the airwaves on SCI FI Channel (a two hour pilot in development as we speak, written by Mike Carey), you can stay up to date with the comic book series. Issue #5 is in stores now, and the trade paperback is due out later this month, but you can pre-order it now.


Kalki Continues Cover of the Week Streak

June 23, 2008

On the heels of LINGER’s appearance on Wizard Universe‘s Cover of the Week roundup last week, PROJECT: KALKI issue #2 has scored again for Virgin Comics. In the June 18, 2008 edition of the Cover of the Week, Wizard’s Matt Cauli had this to say about the cover designed by Vivek Shinde and Ashish Avin:

“While shuffling through some covers, lo and behold I find this beauty. An Andy Warhol blast from the past style, but instead of an attractive young Marilyn Monroe, we get to feast are eyes upon baby fetuses in a variety of pantone popsicle colors. Such an eye catcher and pleaser if I’ve ever seen one.”

Written by Arjun Gaind and illustrated by Vivek Shinde, PROJECT: KALKI tells the frightening story of Avatar, a super-being created in a lab from the DNA of a mythological being. To read the article and see the cover click here. Issue #2 is on sale now and can be purchased at our Virgin Comics store.


Mike Carey’s THE STRANDED to Become a SCI FI Channel Television Pilot

March 20, 2008

When Virgin Comics and SCI FI Channel joined forces last year to create a comic book imprint, our grand mission was to create stories that would not only thrive as comic books, but also as television projects. Well. we’re beyond thrilled to announce that The Stranded, the first SCI FI/Virgin collaboration, has officially been picked up as a 2-hour pilot by SCI FI Channel.

But the REALLY exciting part… Mike Carey, who writes The Stranded comic, has been brought on board to script the pilot! Creating the opportunity for a comic book writer to work on a television project is something we couldn’t be happier about. Mike is equally thrilled and had this to say: “From day one, working on The Stranded has felt like being at a nexus point of creativity. Virgin and SCI FI created the platform, and then supported the book and the creative team through all the stages of development. This feels like something we all own, and we all love. I can’t wait to take it forward to its next incarnation.” We agree!

The third issue of The Stranded hits stores on March 26th. The first two issues are sold out in most comic book stores, but you can still buy them at


Comic Critique: Year In Review Awards

February 15, 2008

Comic Critique recently released their Year In Review awards, and we’re proud to announce that Virgin Comics was well represented. We’re especially excited about winning the Rookie Juggernaut Award!

Rookie Juggernaut Award: Virgin Comics

If we’re nearing an Indian Century then a Virgin Age of Comics will fit right in. Grounded in the culture of the country the world is watching and wise to the essence of comics quality, the folkloric goldmine and pantheon of talent this company had to draw on positioned it well for an extensive young line of non-spandex adventures that feel both rooted and refreshing. Few imprints have offered so much diversity so fast, from the Val Lewton-esque ancient-curse tragedy Snake Woman and the metaphysical martial-arts saga The Sadhu to the resourceful comedic Matrix variation Walk In, the vampire war-comic Virulents, the geopolitical thrillers 7 Brothers and Gamekeeper, the Prohibition melodrama Dock Walloper and more. Started by badboy billionaire Richard Branson and heavily involving maverick mystic Deepak Chopra, the company’s got a compelling story to tell behind the scenes too.

Colorist of the Year: Mukesh Singh

We’re in a golden age of comics colorists — the ease and capacity of computers allow for a lot of automatic and anonymous perfection, but innovators like Dave Stewart, Lee Loughridge, Michelle Madsen and Laura Allred have harnessed high technology for true personality and possibility. Even in this company artist-colorist Mukesh Singh took a leap in a clearly new direction on Virgin Comics’ Gamekeeper. Painted comics typically don’t escape the single-image stasis of the old pulp and paperback covers they seem to homage, but if, as has rightly been said, Gene Colan “paints with a pencil,” Singh drew with a paintbrush, fully working up his line with a rare kinetic fluidity and suffusing scenes with cinematic color fields which materialized moods and transported characters (and readers) in ways that made the most of the medium’s devices while never seeming to manipulate their effects.

And the multi-talented writer of Dock Walloper won the Inker of the Year…

Inker of the Year:
Jimmy Palmiotti

There’s all the artists who ink themselves, or digitally reproduce their pencils and paints. Then there’s Palmiotti, period. No inker has ever preserved and reinforced the strengths of so diverse a range of artists’ styles, at such volume and quality. Why do we even have the category anymore?

This was the icing on the cake for what was a tremendous year for Virgin Comics. We launched a joint imprint with SCI FI Channel (The Stranded was the first release), Guy Ritchie’s Game Keeper and Virulents are now in development with Warner Brothers and Fox, respectively, and Sony Online Entertainment is turning our Ramayan 3392AD franchise into a massive multiplayer online video game. All in all, a good year!

We have a lot of exciting plans for 2008. Stay tuned… you’re not going to want to miss this!!!



January 7, 2008

Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #0



Created by Jenna Jameson
Written by Christina Z.
Art by Mukesh Singh
Cover by Greg Horn


Demons. Slaying. Sex.

What else would you expect from a comic conceived by Jenna Jameson and realized by Witchblade co-creator Christina Z.? In a tale dripping with epic destinies, dangerous creatures and dark passions, one woman will rise from the ashes of her “normal” life to discover a fate she never imagined.

Before a tragic accident that sets our heroine on a quest that will change the world as we know it, she has an encounter with a mysterious figure who claims to know of her “true” potential. Secret origins, strange conspiracies, and a connection to a mythological feminine force as old as time will all be revealed.

This special preview issue features a cover by Greg Horn, prequel story, preview of pages from issue #1, sexy pin-ups, and a revealing interview with Jenna Jameson and Christina Z.

Sadhu: The Silent Ones # 4

Written by Saurav Mohapatra
Art by Manikandan

Cover by Jeffrey Spokes



Once he was a soldier for the British Empire. Now, James Jensen is a sadhu, a mystic warrior, and he searches for the son he had believed to be dead. Joining forces with the legendary hermit king of Limbo, Trishanku, James ventures deep into the Central Indian forest to free his son from the clutches of the Silent Ones. But a lost tribe of warriors waits in ambush for James and Trishanku!

The Tall Tales of Vishnu Sharma: Panchatantra #1

Written by Samit Basu
Art & Cover by Ashish Padlekar



Some old stories never lose their bite…

Something’s invading the stories of our childhood, leaving death and oblivion in its wake. Now, a motley crew of animal heroes from ancient Indian fables must unite to survive. But first they must find the boy destined to save them, the chosen guardian of the Panchatantra. Thing is… he has no idea they even exist.

Vishnu Sharma, would be boy-hero, is too busy playing in online tournaments to care about fighting storybook wars. But when a none-too-fictional talking lion, monkey and bull arrive at his doorstep, Vishnu must choose between protecting the tales of the Panchatantra, or silently standing by as they disappear into storybook history.

With naughty boy wizards, cuddly anime-sociopaths, and a not-so-frightful King of the Jungle, this ain’t your Mother Goose’s story.

Ed Burns’ Dock Walloper #2

Created by Ed Burns
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti
Art & Cover by Siju Thomas



New York City becomes a blood-drenched battleground as each player forcibly takes what they think is theirs. As John “The Hand” Smith and Bootsy move up in the crime-world, having earned the favor of Irish mob boss Mad-Dog Madden, there are still threats that loom among rival mob organizations… and within Madden’s own. Gentleman Jim’s openly racist disfavor of Bootsy is causing strife among Madden’s people, but the real peril comes from Diamond Jack—the gangster with the diamond-studded teeth—who seems to have an unquenchable taste for Smith’s blood. They don’t call this the roaring 20’s for nothing!


Written by Mike Carey
Art by Siddharth Kottian
Covers by Mark Silvestri and Greg Horn



Over the past two years, Virgin Comics has become the hottest new destination for graphic storytelling. At the same time, SciFi has established itself as THE brand name for fantasy and speculative television, with hit series like EUREKA and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Now, for the first time, these two companies join forces for a new imprint designed to change the face of science fiction entertainment.In THE STRANDED, the first Virgin/SciFi book, five ordinary people must face a terrifying question: What if your entire world — your childhood, your family, all your memories — was a lie? For The Stranded, it’s true; they’re all, secretly, from another world. And now a deadly, otherworldly force has returned to try and kill them, operating through a twisted, altered human called Janus. Their only hope: Tamree, a dark, mysterious woman sent to Earth as their protector. One by one, Tamree must awaken the buried memories of The Stranded — along with their powerful, unique psychic and physical abilities. But even if they can defeat Janus, they must also deal with a deadly threat from one of their own.

THE STRANDED is created by acclaimed comics writer and novelist Mike Carey (X-MEN, LUCIFER, The Devil You Know). The first issue features alternate covers by Marc Silvestri (WITCHBLADE, X-MEN) and Greg Horn (SPIDER-MAN, X-BOX MAGAZINE, ELEKTRA). With THE STRANDED, Virgin and SciFi take a giant leap into the future. Join us — the best is yet to come!

Dan Dare #3

Written by Garth Ennis
Art by Gary Erskine
Covers by Garry Leach and Brendan McCarthy



As a brutal threat bears down upon the mining colony of Port Napier, Dan Dare whips the local detachment into a modest—but effective—defensive force. Together with the colonists who were unable to escape, they abandon the settlement to make a final stand in what will most assuredly be a battle of attrition. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the increasingly suspicious Peabody follows a hunch—and what she finds out may have finished the battle for Earth before it’s even begun.

Deepak Chopra Presents India Authentic #9: KARTHIKEYA

Created by Deepak Chopra
Written by Saurav Mohapatra
Art by Virgin Studios



“I was born with a fiery halo that threatened to undo the universe. Thus, Ganga the mighty mother-river bore me away far from the earth deep into the uncharted heavens. I grew to manhood in the care of the six maidens of the stars, the Kritika (Pleidas) of the night sky. Then, I returned to claim my rightful place in Svarga as heralded by an ancient prophecy. I am the slayer of demons and commander-in-chief of Heaven’s army, I am Kartikkeya, the son of Shiva.”

Deepak Chopra and India Authentic bring you a story that tells of the birth and rise of one of heaven’s most formidable warriors, Kartikkeya, the god of eternal youth.

Shekhar Kapur’s Devi #17

Created by Shekhar Kapur
Written by Saurav Mohapatra
Art by Chandrashekhar
Cover by Luke Ross



Tara Mehta, the young woman from Sitapur who was chosen by the gods to host the essence of Devi, celestial warrior supreme, has fought renegade gods, apsara assassins, ruthless crime lords and even the darkness lurking inside her own soul. With the help of a fallen priest, a burnt-out cop and a smart aleck journalist, she has somehow managed not only to survive, but to harness her divine abilities to become the protector of Sitapur. But everything’s about to change.When a mysterious vigilante starts killing criminals in Sitapur, Devi finds herself blamed for the murders. As she tries to piece together the identity of the vigilante, Tara uncovers a secret that goes all the way back to her own childhood. The journey of the girl who became a goddess takes a new twist, as she comes face to face with something that will change her life forever.


Mike Carey talks Voodoo Child and The Stranded

October 10, 2007


Virgin Comics/Sci Fi: Stuart Moore Interview

August 1, 2007

Stuart Moore who will be editing our SCI-FI imprint did this interview on FractalMatter recently.

Stuart Moore has been a writer, a book editor, and an award-winning comics editor. His recent writing includes New Avengers/Transformers (Marvel Comics), Firestorm (DC Comics), the original science-fiction series Para (Penny-Farthing Press) and Earthlight (Tokyopop), a graphic novel adaptation of the bestselling fantasy novel Redwall (Penguin/Philomel), and the prose novels American Meat and Reality Bites (Games Workshop). At DC Comics, Stuart was a founding editor of the Vertigo imprint, where he won the Will Eisner award for Best Editor 1996 and the Don Thompson Award for Favorite Editor 1999; recently he has accepted an editorial role shepherding the new Virgin Comics/SciFi Channel comics imprint. Stuart has also contributed to prose and comics anthologies, including the acclaimed Postcards (Villard/Random House), The Nightmare Factory (HarperCollins/Fox Atomic), and Star Trek: Constellations (Pocket Books). He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Tell us a little about the Virgin Comics/SCI-FI imprint. What’s the idea behind it, and what sort of things can we expect?

It’s a joint venture between the two companies. The goal is to produce real science-fiction comics — miniseries, mostly, to start — that have the potential to work as television series as well. SciFi is very committed and involved, and Virgin’s pouring a lot into this. It’s very exciting.

Who are the types of writers and artists you are aiming to bring into the imprint?

We’re reaching out to a mixture of comics and television writers. It’s a fascinating process because we all have to agree on a project before it goes ahead. We have one book set so far, which will be announced at Comicon San Diego, written by a prominent and acclaimed comics writer.

Do you think your role as editor of the line will affect your writing career?

I try to learn from every job I do. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about writing from my editorial work, and yes, I hope that will continue.

It’s funny: Comics in general has moved closer to television in recent years, reaching out to TV writers, which is great. But in television, if you’re a (story) editor, you’re expected to be a writer as well — in fact, you’re usually the head writer of a series. In comics, those roles have been very tightly segregated. I don’t see why that should be, necessarily. You can be both — it’s mostly a matter of finding enough hours in the day. Comics didn’t used to be that way; Stan Lee edited virtually everything he wrote. I’d like to see a little loosening up of all that, across the field. I think it’d be good for creativity in general.