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September 11, 2007

Is it September already? Is the summer already gone? Wow—that was fast. Here at Virgin Comics, we’ve had a summer full of excitement, celebrating our one-year anniversary, finding new partners to play and create with, and building out our business so we have stuff to celebrate at our two-year anniversary and beyond.

Along the way, we’ve also been asking the oh-so-existential question: “who are we?”You see, it’s not just our own corporate adolescence we are dealing with, it’s also the fact that, you, our audience, and even some of our partners, are asking that question in an effort to figure us out. We get that our projects aren’t exactly classifiable into one overarching category. We generate stories that stem from great Asian mythos (Ramayan 3392 AD, Devi) and then tap into the creative minds of some of the coolest filmmakers and creators on the planet (Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper, Dave Stewart’s Walk In), churning out a fusion of eastern, western, and admittedly bizarre elements of storytelling. See, we’re obsessed with funky stories and funky creative partners and resist anything that puts us in a box. So as we continue down this path of self-discovery, we search for more ways to expand our creative horizons to further perplex, inspire and excite our audiences, our partners and ourselves.

In that spirit, we’ve partnered with Studio 18, one of India’s premiere film and television studios to create a line of graphic novels, as well as animation, games, and movies that cater to the teen horror genre. We thought it would be fitting to expand on our crazy fictional fantasies and delve into the wildly horrific, dark and twisted world of thrillers. For centuries India has enchanted the world with its entrancing and spiritually-minded stories, so it’s about time we turned up the freak factor.

Eat the Dead, included in the following pages as a sneak peek, is the first from our India Horror imprint, the premiere of our truly “graphic” graphic novels. It’s a story about what lurks in the shadows of our pasts, what happens when our karmic duties defy the laws of “humane” nature, and the dark deeds one must do to rectify their wrongs. And then, there’s also one crazy looking beast of a woman who’s not interested in playing nice. I won’t tell you more, because it’s wrong to ruin a great story, but I can say that this comic is a true testament to what we represent here at Virgin Comics… you’ll never know what to expect next.

See you on the inside….

—The Chief
and the Virgin Comics Editorial Team

Eat the DeadEat the Dead


Weston & Nicolas Cage’s Voodoo Child: Sneak Peeks from Ben Templesmith

June 22, 2007

Ben Templesmith is doing some covers for this book (written by Mike Carey and art by Dean Hyrapiet) that hits the stands on July 11th. He has posted layouts from idea generation to final (for cover #1) on his blog. Click here to check it out.

Thanks Ben and look forward to more soon.


Looking ahead to Shekhar Kapur’s Snake Woman: Tales of the Snake Charmer #1 (June 27, 2007)

June 6, 2007

Trapped in a cycle of reincarnation since the early 18th century, Snake Woman is the story of one woman and sixty-eight men struggling with their own karmic bonds, all triggered by the curse of an angry Naga, or Snake Goddess. As punishment for the murder of the Snake Goddess’ consort, the King Cobra, these 68 men—part of a British fortune hunting expedition, plundering the Kabini jungles of India—are cursed to eternal reincarnation, to be hunted by a woman imbued with the powers of the Snake Goddess. Only once this woman—the Snake Woman—is able to kill all sixty-eight of them within a single lifetime, will the cycle of reincarnation end.

In the intervening three centuries, the 68 have become a powerful secret organization. They conspire only to destroy the Snake Woman and to propagate their incarnate selves. It is into this mix that Jessica Peterson—the current incarnation of the Snake Woman—is thrown. She is blindsided by her lethal new abilities—and, perhaps, more disturbingly, her violent impulses. Yet, as internal politics threaten to tear the 68 apart, other characters come to the fore, including the reincarnation of the King Cobra, and the surreptitious Snake Charmer.

The end of Snake Woman #10 saw our eponymous heroine clearing out of 68-ridden Los Angeles, searching for the simple life, the words of James Harker still ringing in her ears… “none of us can seem to stay away from each other. It’s just how it works…” Still, Jess does her best, heading to Mexico, then South America, and finally ending up six months later in Goa, India, attempting to keep the goddess at bay with various illicit substances. But greater cosmic and karmic forces are in effect than the chemicals of man can control, and it is not only the 68 who will follow Jess and the Snake Goddess back to the country where the Snake Woman saga began. There are other powers awakening, some good… and some more evil than either Jess or Harker has reckoned with before now.

Snake Woman: Tale of the Snake Charmer promises to be the most exciting chapter yet in this pioneer Virgin Comics series. So do yourself a favor and pick up Snake Woman: Tale of the Snake Charmer #1, on-sale June 2007!

See you on the inside…

VC Editorial Team

Exclusive sneak peeks at initial pages straight from Vivek Shinde’s drawing board (click to see full image):