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February 4, 2008


Written by Samit Basu
Art & Cover by Ashish Padlekar



The tales of Vishnu Sharma have barely begun and already he’s been kidnapped by talking animals, had a near-death experience with a homicidal boy wizard, and now he’s expected to walk INTO a book called the Panchatantra, the ancient collection of Indian fables of which Vishnu is supposedly the guardian. If that weren’t enough, when Vishnu is pulled inside the pages of folklore and fantasy, death and oblivion seem all too real. This fairytale is more like a nightmare, where “THE END” is something he desperately wants to avoid.



Created by John Woo
Written by Ben Raab & Deric A. Hughes
Art by Edison George

Cover by David Mack

John Woo's 7 Brothers #5

Don’t miss this heart-pounding final chapter of JOHN WOO’S SEVEN BROTHERS!

Having tapped the very essence of the Seven Brothers’ powers, Li Jiao has become a seemingly unstoppable force. But the Brothers’ secret weapon, Ronald and his Dragon alter-ego, are still missing. As Jiao uses his newfound aptitude for destruction to settle a score, can the Seven Brothers bring down the renegade monk before he makes good on his promise to avenge his father’s death?



Written by Shamik Dasgupta
Art& Cover by Jeevan Kang
Variant Cover by Luke Ross


Ramayan 3392AD Reloaded #4

Captured by a violent tribe, Rama and his brother Lakshman are thrown into the dungeons, whileSeeta is imprisoned in a harem. Facing almost certain death, Rama is offered a chance to escape but does he dare trust an enemy with his life and the lives of his comrades? Plus, a Seeta backup story by Ron Marz and Luke Ross!



Created by Jenna Jameson
Written by Christina Z.
Art by Mukesh Singh
Cover by Greg Horn


Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter #1

From the mind of Jenna Jameson, NY Times Bestselling author and iconic entertainer and written by Christina Z (WITCHBLADE) comes a dark talef one woman’s struggle with forces beyond ordinary perception. In this Special Oversized issue, star artist Mukesh Singh (GAMEKEEPER) illustrates the beginning of the saga. A young, orphaned, beautiful woman attempts to make a life for herself in the big city. As she grapples with mundane problems like making rent and a creepy manager at work, something deeper brews; a nagging suspicion that her life is not her own. Seeking answers (not to mention extra cash) she enrolls in a past life regression experiment which seems to ignite visions of a demonic past that no one can explain.

Then comes the titillating and strangely dangerous power she’s not sure she can control, and a mysterious guy with the sword who just won’t leave her alone. It’s one hell of a day for our heroine, especially when she discovers who her real father is.



Created by Jonathan Mostow
Written by John Harrison
Art & Cover by Peter Rubin

Jonathan Mostow's The Megas #1


From the visionary director of Terminator 3, Jonathan Mostow, we enter the world of The Megas. Beautiful. Powerful. Better. They’re everything you’ve ever wanted to be. But at the heart of this dystopic society lies a regime struggling for control over a populace that may just be tired of being inferior. Agent Jack Madison finds himself in the middle of a maelstrom as he struggles to solve a crime and come to terms with a truth he’s not ready to face. Not to mention a mysterious symbol and the seeds of rebellion.


Written by Mike Carey
Art by Siddharth Kotian
Cover by
Variant Cover by Christopher Moeller

The Stranded #2

Continuing the first book in the groundbreaking new Virgin/SciFi line, created and written by acclaimed novelist/comics writer Mike Carey (X-MEN, The Devil You Know)!

What if your past, everything you knew, was a lie? A mysterious assassin called Janus knows…and he’s determined to kill the Stranded one by one before they can learn of their true, extraterrestrial origins. Now Tamree, their protector, races against time to awaken them to their true nature and powers. But Janus holds a secret weapon: his inhuman companion, Dzin — whose connection to Tamree may doom the protector’s mission before it’s even truly begun.

Featuring a painted cover by fan-favorite artist Christopher Moeller (LUCIFER, Magic: The Gathering, IRON EMPIRES).


DAN DARE #4 – ON SALE 2/27

Written by Garth Ennis
Art by Gary Erskine
Cover by Garry Leach
Variant Cover by Glenn Fabry

Dan Dare #4

It’s the last stand on Port Napier as Dan Dare and the colonists find themselves nearly overrun by the onslaught of Torr, vicious killing beasts. Trying to hold them off until they can be rescued, what they don’t know is that the entire royal navy has been thrown into disarray by the disappearance of the Prime Minister back on Earth. As Peabody attempts to piece together the puzzle—and the government—Dan and Digby brace themselves for total annihilation, hoping for a miracle.



Written by Saurav Mohapatra
Art By Manikandan
Cover by Jeffrey Spokes

The Silent Ones #5

The second Sadhu saga reaches its stunning climax! James Jensen, the British soldier who became a mystic warrior, and his mysterious ally Trishanku launch an all-out attack on the stronghold of the Silent Ones in a desperate effort to save Jensen’s son. But even as they breach the outer defenses of the cult’s fortress, Jensen and Trishanku realize that the devious Grand Mistress has sprung a trap that might forever change the very fabric of this world and beyond!


Created by Deepak Chopra
Written by Saurav Mohapatra
Art by Virgin Studios
Cover by Siju Thomas


Deepak Chopra's India Authentic #10

“At first, I shed tears at the massacre of my kin at the hands of a ruthless king. The Axe mocked me. I felt the anger well up in my heart, screaming to be unleashed. The Axe encouraged me. I tried to veer myself away from the path of vengeance. The Axe whispered in my ears. Once, I was a scholar, a man at peace with his soul. But now who I am is long gone. I have vowed to rid the earth of my enemies. The man I used to be is dead, his identity washed away in a deluge of retribution. Once, there was a hermit named Rama, now there is only The Axe.”

Virgin Comics and Deepak Chopra present as part of the INDIA AUTHENTIC series, a look at the metamorphosis of a peace loving hermit named Rama into one of the most feared warriors on the planet. When a tyrant massacres his family, Rama picks up the Axe and vows to rid the earth of Kings.

Witness the rage and fury of a man pushed too far as he embarks on a bloody campaign and the thirst for vengeance transforms him into the very thing he set out to fight.


Eight Things You May Not Know About THE STRANDED

January 28, 2008

1. It’s a five-issue miniseries launching the new Virgin/SciFi line.

2. It starts from a very simple premise: What if everything you knew about your life was a lie? From there, it spins out a wild web of a narrative about aliens exiled to Earth and given false memories — to protect them from an enemy that won’t stop until they’re all dead.

3. Issue #1 is online as a widescreen digital comic at

4. It’s written and created by Mike Carey, the acclaimed writer whose work spans such diverse comics as X-Men, Lucifer, Re-Gifters, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Crossing Midnight, and Voodoo Child. THE STRANDED is his own creation, and he’s really let his imagination run wild.

5. It’s the first joint venture between comics powerhouse Virgin Comics and TV powerhouse SciFi. And this isn’t just some sign-a-contract-and-take-the-money deal; SciFi has been very closely involved in every aspect of the book. They’re very serious about developing new, exciting concepts through the medium of comics, and interacting with them has given all of us a new perspective on our work. When you write and edit comics most of the time, it’s easy to take certain things for granted…to assume that everyone will understand various shortcuts and visual conventions. SciFi’s outside perspective has really helped us putting together a book that works for comics fans and non-fans alike…without dumbing anything down. (I hope!)

6. It features stunning art by Siddharth Kotian (Eat the Dead), with covers by Marc Silvestri, Greg Horn, and Chris Moeller. Which means it’s a great-looking book all around.

7. It’s the first comic book I’ve edited in five years, following my long stints at Vertigo and Marvel Knights. And I have to say: This is one of the best first issues I’ve ever worked on. If you invest $2.99 in THE STRANDED #1, you’ll get a complete introduction, meet a variety of fascinating characters, thrill to two action scenes…and by the end, you’ll know exactly what we’re about. That’s thanks to everyone involved, but most especially to Mike Carey, who hit one out of the park right away. Thanks, Mike.

8. It’s only the beginning for the Virgin/SciFi line. Keep watching the skies!


-Stuart Moore


Virgin Comics/Sci Fi: Stuart Moore Interview

August 1, 2007

Stuart Moore who will be editing our SCI-FI imprint did this interview on FractalMatter recently.

Stuart Moore has been a writer, a book editor, and an award-winning comics editor. His recent writing includes New Avengers/Transformers (Marvel Comics), Firestorm (DC Comics), the original science-fiction series Para (Penny-Farthing Press) and Earthlight (Tokyopop), a graphic novel adaptation of the bestselling fantasy novel Redwall (Penguin/Philomel), and the prose novels American Meat and Reality Bites (Games Workshop). At DC Comics, Stuart was a founding editor of the Vertigo imprint, where he won the Will Eisner award for Best Editor 1996 and the Don Thompson Award for Favorite Editor 1999; recently he has accepted an editorial role shepherding the new Virgin Comics/SciFi Channel comics imprint. Stuart has also contributed to prose and comics anthologies, including the acclaimed Postcards (Villard/Random House), The Nightmare Factory (HarperCollins/Fox Atomic), and Star Trek: Constellations (Pocket Books). He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Tell us a little about the Virgin Comics/SCI-FI imprint. What’s the idea behind it, and what sort of things can we expect?

It’s a joint venture between the two companies. The goal is to produce real science-fiction comics — miniseries, mostly, to start — that have the potential to work as television series as well. SciFi is very committed and involved, and Virgin’s pouring a lot into this. It’s very exciting.

Who are the types of writers and artists you are aiming to bring into the imprint?

We’re reaching out to a mixture of comics and television writers. It’s a fascinating process because we all have to agree on a project before it goes ahead. We have one book set so far, which will be announced at Comicon San Diego, written by a prominent and acclaimed comics writer.

Do you think your role as editor of the line will affect your writing career?

I try to learn from every job I do. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about writing from my editorial work, and yes, I hope that will continue.

It’s funny: Comics in general has moved closer to television in recent years, reaching out to TV writers, which is great. But in television, if you’re a (story) editor, you’re expected to be a writer as well — in fact, you’re usually the head writer of a series. In comics, those roles have been very tightly segregated. I don’t see why that should be, necessarily. You can be both — it’s mostly a matter of finding enough hours in the day. Comics didn’t used to be that way; Stan Lee edited virtually everything he wrote. I’d like to see a little loosening up of all that, across the field. I think it’d be good for creativity in general.


Stuart Moore to Edit Sci Fi/Virgin Comics Imprint

June 29, 2007


Veteran comic editor to oversee the development of the first comic titles

New York, NY, June 26, 2007: Virgin Comics and the SCI FI Channel announced today that Stuart Moore has been appointed Editor on the first titles from the new imprint.

The new ‘SCI FI / Virgin Comics’ venture was announced earlier this year, with a stated goal of utilizing the global creative and synergistic resources that exist both at SCI FI Channel, part of NBC Universal, and Virgin Comics to create new stories for comic books, television, movies, digital, gaming, licensing and merchandising.

“This was an impossible opportunity to turn down. Virgin and SCI FI are two of the most vital entertainment companies around, and we’re all excited about crafting the best possible speculative fiction projects for the 21st century,” commented Stuart Moore. “For my part, Virgin’s been great about working out a deal that lets me exercise my editing muscles again, without interfering with my writing projects at various other companies. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

“Stuart is not only one of the greatest editors, but also one of the greatest people in this industry,” said Virgin Comics CEO & Publisher, Sharad Devarajan. “His wealth of experience is only matched by his wonderful reputation for guiding numerous creators to reach new heights in their work.”

Moore is an award-winning editor with a prolific career in the industry. At DC Comics, Stuart was a founding editor of the Vertigo imprint, where he won the Will Eisner award for Best Editor 1996 and the Don Thompson Award for Favorite Editor 1999. From late 2000 through mid-2002 Stuart edited the bestselling Marvel Knights comics line.

“We’re thrilled to have a seasoned comic book veteran like Stuart involved in the development of these new properties which are being created from the ground up for multi-media application,” added Adam Stotsky, SRVP Marketing for the SCI FI Channel.

“Simply put: Stuart Moore rocks. Ask any writer or publisher he’s worked with (and we did) and you hear nothing but the best things said. With Stuart aboard, I feel confident we’re going to deliver on our bold prediction to re-imagine sci-fi,” added Gotham Chopra, Virgin Comics Chief Creative Officer.

The first SCI FI/Virgin comic titles are expected to hit shelves later this year and the imprint is currently reviewing story pitches from numerous comic book and television writers.