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Summit Entertainment Rakes Up THE LEAVES

July 29, 2008

Virgin Comics’ new one-shot, The Leaves, has been raked up and bagged for a feature film adaptation by Summit Entertainment. The supernatural action-thriller tells the story of Max Mellick, a NY surgeon who, at a friend’s funeral in India, is told by a seer that he will bring about the end of the world. In a desperate search for answers, Max goes on the run; but can he, let alone any man, outrun fate? You’ll have to read to find out!

The Leaves was written by Kevin J. Walsh, who will also pen the screenplay. Virgin Comics’ CEO Sharad Devarajan and Creative Director Gotham Chopra will produce. Look for this exciting thriller soon on our Virgin Comics Store.


Wizard lingers over LINGER cover

June 17, 2008

In his weekly roundup of compelling covers, Wizard Creative Director and head designer Steve Blackwell singles out our new, supernatural horror one-shot, LINGER. Designed in-house by editor Charlie Beckerman, the simple, yet haunting cover garnered the following praise:

“Beckerman creates a piece reminiscent of a movie poster to land on the list this week. In a sea of covers full of characters, sometimes an approach like this can stand out from the crowd. From a distance, the cover is simple, clean and creates a spooky vibe. Once the viewer takes a closer look, a face is apparent in the smoke at the base of the cover. This cranks up the creep-o-meter and more firmly establishes the tone of the book.”

Written by Shamik Dasgupta with art by Marcus V.A. Corraya, LINGER tells the frightening story of a road trip gone awry when two friends accidentally run over a holy mystic, whose spirit is determined not to go gently into the night. It is available at comic stores everywhere. To read the Wizard article go HERE.